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The Proof is in the Pudding!

— Created in Apprenticeships, on 15 Apr 2014

Jurys Inn finalists battle it out for ‘Chef of the Year’

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Costie talks about his Fitness Traineeship experiences

— Created in Traineeships, on 4 Apr 2014

My Traineeship taught me about what it takes to be a good employee. It helped me build up my confidence and developed my people skills.

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Lifetime Partner Re-Brands To 'Places for People'

— Created in Company News, on 3 Apr 2014

April sees one of our award-winning Apprenticeship partners, DC Leisure, develop into a social enterprise under the guise of Places for People Leisure. Its mantra will be active places, healthy people.

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Top tips for growing your PT business

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 2 Apr 2014

Friend of Lifetime and veteran of 30 years in the industry, Tim Webster, gives us his top tips on growing your PT business.

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Top 7 Business Benefits of Traineeships

— Created in Traineeships, on 2 Apr 2014

There are a number of ways in which businesses can benefit from Traineeships, here are our Top7.

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Fitness Traineeships - The stepping stone to getting you a job

— Created in Traineeships, on 1 Apr 2014

"The Traineeship is all about experience, preparing us for interviews and starting our work placements. It’s basically helping us get into work. It’s a stepping stone to get you into the gym so you can work your way up and achieve what you want to achieve."

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Jurys Inn 2013 Exceptional Employee Awards

— Created in Company News, on 31 Mar 2014

On Thursday 13th March, Lifetime Training Head of Hospitality Julie Proctor was invited to judge the Jurys Inn 2013 Exceptional Employee Awards.

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Understanding corrective movement and injury prevention

— Created in Fitness Blog, on 28 Mar 2014

Despite our best efforts, clients in our classes get injured. This may be a function of people starting to move more, but we provide them with the best warm ups and the best exercises to help them achieve their goals; but they still get injured.

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