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These days waxing can be very ‘intimate’ indeed: from just to the knicker line with the bikini wax to as bare as you dare full on Hollywood. But do you know your extended bikini from your playboy? Here’s the lowdown from the Lifetime Training beauty tutors:

  • Bikini – the bikini is a safe start for the waxing newbie. Removing hair only up to the knicker line, on average this treatment lasts around fifteen minutes
  • Extended Bikini – As the name suggests, more hair is removed from around the sides, leaving a more defined ‘triangle’.
  • Playboy – An even ‘more extended’ Bikini
  • Brazilian – Made famous by the sassy ‘Sex in the City’ ladies, the Brazilian removes hair from the front and back, including any hair around your bottom. Only a small ‘landing strip’ survives this full on follicle assault, which on average lasts around thirty-five minutes.
  • Hollywood – Go as bare as you dare. This forty-five minute treatment goes the whole hog!

(Bear in mind that treatment times will vary depending on how much hair is present!)

With intimate waxing hot wax is usually used as opposed to warm wax strips because it is better at removing the smaller, coarse hairs. Make sure your therapist is using a good quality wax. Your Salon Store offers waxes of all types for sensitive skin with ingredients such as Azulene to calm the skin.

Hints and Tips

Before you go to your first intimate waxing treatment make sure the area is clean, trimmed and tidy. Ideally the hair should be around 1 cm long for the first couple of treatments and around 0.5 cm for future treatments.

 Make sure you exfoliate your bikini area before your treatment. Removing dead skin cells will make waxing easier.

If you are planning a Brazilian or Hollywood wear a thong to make access to all the crucial areas easier! Most reputable salons and spas will have disposable thongs, which you can use if you prefer.

Professional beauty therapists will understand if you feel nervous or embarrassed when attending your first treatment with them. Please don’t worry. They quite literally, have seen it all before!

Your therapist should always wear gloves and an apron during any waxing treatment. Hygiene is crucial!


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