MDP Level 3

This programme is for all Assistant, Deputy and Kitchen Managers who have ambitions to develop themselves personally and professionally and progress in their careers at Greene King. If you are looking to progress in approximately 12-18 months and are up for the challenge then this is the programme for you!

What's involved?

An Apprenticeship at this level needs a high level of commitment and dedication. To take part in this programme you will have been nominated by your Business Development Manager as someone
who has the potential and desire to progress. The programme is  delivered over 15 months and by the end you will have gained a Level 3 Apprenticeship.

To achieve this, you will need to complete the following

Workshop days, including one study session

7 work based learning assignments

On the job observations and coaching

As a learner, we will be asking you to commit to self-study outside of the workshops to be able to complete your assignments and put your learning into practice.

Criteria for application:

Must be Assistant, Deputy or Kitchen Manager looking to progress within 12-18 months

Line Manager backed application

Must be able to commit to 20 hours minimum self-study a month

Completed role aligned Induction programme (if in role for less than 18 months)

Not scheduled for progression to GM or Area Designate for at least 12 months

Not completing any other apprenticeship or qualification – or have completed a L3 or higher in Leadership & Management. This does not include the Hospitality Leaderships & supervision or Team Leading qualifications

Must be committed and self-driven to complete the whole programme inclusive of workshops, assignments and Regional Trainer meetings

Have the full backing and support in completing the apprenticeship activity and workshop attendance of the General Manager, Business Development Manager & HR Business Partner

MDP Level 4

Who's it for?

This qualification is for all General Managers, or equivalent who have ambitions to develop their career within Greene King. This may be taking on a larger pub or progressing to the next level. The course will provide a better understanding of themselves as leaders and offer the tools to manage their own professional development.

What's involved?

Equivalent to a foundation degree, this qualification requires a high level of commitment and dedication. The programme is delivered over 18 months and by the end they will have gained a Level 4 Hospitality Manager Standard qualification which is industry and nationally recognised. BDMs providing approval for this course are agreeing that Managers can complete the following:

A total of ten off-site classroom, study and skills days

A suite of assignments and projects, requiring

A commitment of 20 hours study per month

On the job observations and coaching

4 Classroom Sessions

Classroom Day 1: People planning?Leadership & Management Skills

Classroom Day 2: Building high performing teams/Study afternoon

Classroom Day 3: Leading Change/Influencing & Conflict

Classroom Day 4: Business Strategy/Financial Management

3 Skills Days

Skills Day 1: Leading High Performing Teams

Skills Day 2: Change Projects

Skills Day 3: Strategy to Operations

3 Study Days

Criteria for application

Must be a General Manager or equivalent

BDM & HRBP backed application

Must be able to commit to 10 off-site sessions and 20 hours of self-study per month

Completed General Manager Induction

Not currently undertaking an Apprenticeship

Not applying for Designate BDM Programme or moving into new role within 12 months of starting Level 4 Programme self-study with optional tutor support.

MDP Level 5

Who's it for?

Operations/Departmental Managers that manage teams and/or projects, to achieve specific goals and objectives as part of the delivery of an organisation’s strategy.

Roles may include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Specialist Managers

What's involved?

The delivery model is broken down into 9 topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Leading Leaders
  • Performance Management
  • Influencing and Communication
  • Leading Change
  • Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operational Management

The course is delivered over 18-21 months via a mixture of face to face workshops, webinars, coaching sessions and work-place learning. The webinars cover the Knowledge elements of the Standard and the Skills Development Workshops cover the Skills and Behaviours.

Programme Breakdown

Launch Day

Course Preparation

5 x 3 Day Workshops

11 x 2 hour Knowledge Remote Coaching

1 x Mock Assessment Day

End Point Assessments

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