Can the levy be used for existing employees?

Yes. Although apprenticeship programmes are a great tool for attracting new talent to your business, your levy can be fully utilised to upskill and train your existing team. Using the apprenticeship levy for existing employees is a common aim of many of our clients, to standardise and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of their team.

In fact, around 70% of apprenticeship training delivered by Lifetime Training is to existing employees.

Apprenticeships are not only for entry-level staff, but act as a clear map for career progression. Candidates are nominated from within your company and are screened for eligibility by Lifetime against criteria set by you.

Why use the apprenticeship levy to train existing employees?

Using the apprenticeship levy to train existing employees has many benefits and allows you to develop team members who have knowledge of your company and show aptitude and commitment to progress within the business. Spending your levy allowance on apprenticeship training for existing employees will also cement retention rates since your staff will reciprocate your investment through extended loyal service.

The levy must be used to fund apprenticeship training, so cannot be used to fund other training activities.

Apprenticeships can take your team from entry-level to degree-level and beyond. Programmes can also be used to train new managers, ensuring industry-leading best practice for your leaders.

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