What is the difference between an apprenticeship standard and framework?

When researching the structure and assessment criteria of certain apprenticeships, you may have come across the terms apprenticeship framework and apprenticeship standard. The two are often used interchangeably but it’s important to understand the distinction between both. It’s also important to understand that standards have now replaced frameworks as a model for apprenticeship structure and assessment.

What is an apprenticeship framework?

Frameworks are the old apprenticeship schemes and have been phased out and replaced by new apprenticeship standards.

Frameworks provided the learner with a qualification, with assessments performed throughout the programme on a range of competencies. Frameworks were based on combinations of units with specific qualifications.

How does an apprenticeship standard differ?

Standards were introduced to increase the overall quality of apprenticeship provision across all industries and levels. The programmes are closely aligned to specific roles and focus on developing knowledge, skills and behaviours to ensure learners are competent.

Apprenticeship frameworks and standards funding bands

Every apprenticeship standard has a funding band set by the government. Each funding band is a guide to the cost of the programme, and you can only use your levy funds towards a programme within the funding band.

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