Apprentice Recruitment

Recruiting an apprentice is an excellent way to bring new talent into your business and Lifetime Training are here to support you every step of the way. As the leading specialist in Apprentice Recruitment, we will source, screen and present your business with work-ready candidates specific to your requirements.

Whether its business growth, apprenticeship recruitment challenges, succession planning or just a passion for nurturing new talent, we will provide the solution by bringing those candidates to you!

The Apprentice Recruitment Process

Your hiring manager informs us of a vacancy

Detail your job vacancy and why you think an apprentice could fill the post (Review the government’s apprenticeship standards to work out which apprenticeship would best suit the role or speak to us for advice). Detail the benefits of the training to the apprentice. What results do you anticipate for the business and apprentice? Once you are happy with the vacancy, contact us so we can kick-start the apprenticeship recruitment process.

We advertise and source best candidates

The vacancy will be advertised on the Lifetime site as well as on 3rd party jobs board such as Indeed and Total Jobs. We will screen applicants to ensure the best quality of candidate for the role.

Candidates meet the hiring manager and interviews held

Once shortlisting has taken place interviews can be used to understand more about the skills and experience of the candidate, their career aspirations and to ascertain if they’re a good fit for your team.

Your new apprentice is hired...

Why not supply your apprentice with an information pack before they start? Provide them with information about their team mates, their daily duties, the wider business and/or industry, their work setting, key policies and procedures, dress code, some simple do’s and don’ts, basically anything that will help answer any basic questions upfront and give them the confidence to get started. Why not throw in a discount voucher for a high-street store to help them with their workwear or a local coffee shop voucher card. You could even set them a ‘top secret’ project; giving them an opportunity to review the wider business and make some suggestions on improvements. 

...then signed on to their programme

You will need to sign up with an approved apprenticeship training provider listed on the Register of Approved Training Providers, like Lifetime. We will be able to support you with all the necessary compliance and quality procedures and protocols, advise on which apprenticeship/apprenticeships are right for your business or candidate and will supply the work-based training elements of the apprenticeship. Lifetime offer bespoke apprenticeship training programmes and assessment activities. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Lifetime have supported the recruitment of over 5,000 apprentices in the last year. For more information simply get in touch and one of our team will contact you.

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The Portal

The Portal is a tool for apprenticeship learners and managers to track learner progression and upload evidence.

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FUSE is an online learning community where apprenticeship learners can access resources, and interact with tutors and other learners.

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MyLifeTime is an online learning community where course learners can access resources, and interact with tutors and other learners.

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Apprenticeship Job Boards

The Apprenticeship Job Board - click here to apply for apprenticeship jobs and view your applications. 

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