Lifetime’s apprentice recruitment service

If you’re an employer looking for apprenticeship recruitment service, Lifetime Training is the number one training provider for apprentice recruitment in the UK. Every year our dedicated recruitment team place nearly 5,000 apprentices across a range of sectors.

Our apprenticeship recruitment service is free to our partners and can be used to recruit high quality apprentices for intermediate, advanced, and higher apprenticeships.

Lifetime Training works with a range of employers to use apprenticeships as a tool to attract, retain, and develop the best talent. So if you’re an employer looking for high quality apprentices you’ve come to the right place.

How to recruit an apprentice: the Lifetime way

Lifetime’s dedicated apprentice recruitment team will attract, pre-screen, and shortlist potential apprentices for your programme. We use a range of channels including our own apprentice recruitment portal which is sector and employer-branded. As an employer looking for apprentices, this service is suited to you and takes the pressure off your recruitment team, saving recruitment costs and time for your business.

Lifetime will work with you to align apprentice recruitment with your existing talent acquisition requirements and targets. The pre-screening process ensures the best candidates are shortlisted, freeing up time for employers to concentrate on other business priorities.

Lifetime’s apprentice recruitment process

Lifetime has built up considerable expertise in apprentice recruitment, resulting in an effective recruitment strategy. Our approach includes pre-screening and eligibility checks to ensure a high calibre of applicant.


Apprentice recruitment process:

Manager identifies suitable vacancy

Position advertised across all channels

Lifetime performs pre-screen interviews and eligibility checks

Managers receive a shortlist of candidates

Lifetime supports the interview process

Lifetime organises sign-up visit once position is offered

Higher apprentice recruitment

The higher apprentice recruitment team was launched in 2017 and provide expert support at every stage of the recruitment process.

Lifetime’s dedicated advanced apprentice recruitment team focuses on attracting the best candidates for level 3, 4 and 5 apprenticeship programmes. The team’s expertise is in sourcing high calibre candidates for team leader and management roles.

The process includes in-depth eligibility checks and pre-screening for managerial-level candidates.

Apprentices recruitment case studies

Over the past five years Lifetime has recruited around 400 apprentices to work in a variety of roles in Hilton Hotels across the UK. The Hilton Apprenticeship Academy programme has created more than 1,400 apprenticeship opportunities to date.


Hilton manager

Attracting the right talent into our business at all levels remains integral to our business strategy, especially at a time where we are experiencing rapid growth across the UK. Our Hilton Apprenticeship Academy provides an entry-level education into the exciting world of hospitality and an attractive route into employment with one of the world’s leading companies of its kind. The partnership with Lifetime Training, one of the UK’s top training providers, has created a bespoke programme that offers individuals on the job training from professionally qualified experts; on site mentors; development workshops; and master classes.

Ben Bengougham Hilton Human Resources Vice President

Our apprenticeship recruitment services

Use Lifetime’s free apprentice recruitment service to attract driven, engaged talent to your organisation. Apprentices are an asset to any team and are actively developing their skillset.

Our apprenticeship recruitment service is for all levels of programme, with specialist teams for sourcing managerial level apprentices.

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