Can the levy be used for existing employees?

Many employers have questions around using the apprenticeship levy for existing employees.

The answer is yes, the levy can be used for upskilling and training your existing employees providing they are enrolled on a industry approved apprenticeship programme.

What can the apprenticeship levy be used for?

Aside from upskilling existing staff members, the levy can also be spent on training and introducing fresh talent into your company.   

Although apprenticeship programmes are a great tool for attracting new talent to your business, you might prefer to upskill and develop the competencies of existing personnel in your team. This is a common aim of many of our Employer Partners, to standardise and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of their team.

The Apprenticeship levy for existing staff

Can you use the apprenticeship levy for training? While it’s possible to use the apprentice levy for existing staff, it’s important to note that levy funds cannot be spent on any form of training other than apprenticeships. This is because the scheme is designed to instill the necessary skills and competencies through intensive training designed by employer trailblazer groups.

Apprenticeship levy upskilling is a great solution, around 70% of apprenticeship training delivered by Lifetime Training is to existing employees.

Apprenticeships are not only for entry-level staff, but act as a clear map for career progression. Candidates are nominated from within your company and are screened for eligibility by Lifetime against government eligibility criteria and if required, criteria set by you.

Why use Apprenticeship levy upskilling for your employees?

Apprenticeships are a vital tool in upskilling your workforce, increasing retention rates and productivity. They can take your team from entry-level to degree-level and beyond. Programmes can also be used to train new managers, ensuring industry-leading best practice for your leaders.

If an apprenticeship levy fund is not used within 24 months then it will expire which means you may miss out on a crucial opportunity to solidify and develop your team. It’s therefore important to start thinking about those employees who would benefit from an apprenticeship.

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