How much do you have to pay an apprentice?

As an employer you can choose how much to pay your apprentice, but it must be above the minimum rate set by the government. The minimum amount you must pay depends on the age of the apprentice, and how far along the apprentice is on the programme.

Apprentices under 19 or on their first year of apprenticeship are entitled to the minimum apprentice rate of £3.90 per hour.

If the apprentice is over 19 and finishes the first year of the apprenticeship, pay must be in line with National Minimum Wage for their age group.

Remember, the apprentice rate of £3.90 is the minimum an apprentice can be paid, and many companies pay a higher wage in line with similar roles. The average apprentice earns around £200 a week, and the rate will naturally differ with the level of apprenticeship.

What is the apprentice minimum wage?

The apprentice rate is currently £3.90 per hour and is the minimum amount an apprentice can be paid. An apprentice must be paid at least this rate if they are under 19 or in the first year of their apprenticeship.

If over 19, following the first year of apprenticeship the apprentice is entitled to the minimum wage for their age group.

This is a minimum amount, and many employers pay the National Minimum Wage or more to their apprentices.

National Minimum Wage*

Apprentice Rate 18 to 20 years 21 to 24 years 25 and over
£3.90 £6.15 £7.70 £8.21

*Accurate as of April 2019

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