What is the difference between an apprenticeship framework and standard?

What is an apprenticeship standard?

An apprenticeship standard is a nationally recognised training programme mapped to a specific role within a huge range of industries. Each standard is developed by industry-leading employers and apprenticeship experts through a board of “trailblazers”.

Standards were introduced to increase the overall quality of apprenticeship provision across all industries and levels. The programmes are closely aligned to specific roles and focus on developing skills and behaviours to ensure learners are competent.

The new programmes are fully aligned to the needs of employers because they are developed by boards of industry leaders.

There is an End-point Assessment period of up to three months after the programme, in which the learner is tested by an independent assessor. This is a more rigorous approach than with frameworks, resulting in a higher quality of provision. Learners must pass the assessment to achieve their accredited standard.

Find out more about End-point assessment here.

What is an apprenticeship framework?

Frameworks are the old apprenticeship schemes and are gradually being phased out and replaced by new apprenticeship standards. There are plans to completely replace frameworks by 2020.

Frameworks provided the learner with a qualification, with assessments performed throughout the programme on a range of competencies. Frameworks are based on combinations of units with specific qualifications.

Apprenticeship frameworks and standards funding bands

Every apprenticeship framework and standard has a funding band set by the government. Each funding band is a guide to the cost of the programme, and acts as the upper limit for the amount the government will contribute towards each apprentice trained.

You can only use your levy funds towards a programme costed within the funding band.

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