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Starting an Apprenticeship Programme is a robust training option that allows your child to earn a good wage while they build skills, knowledge and behaviours to progress in their chosen industry. They will gain on the job training through their company and specific apprenticeship training through a training provider, like Lifetime Training.

The government and employers have invested heavily so that apprenticeships can be a real alternative to university, opening up different avenues for young people to gain a great career.

The benefits:

Start their career with a company that advocates training and nurturing new talent.

Receive nationally recognised apprenticeship training whilst earning a wage.

Grow in confidence and skills, learning from expert trainers and managers with lots of experience.

Start on a career journey that could lead to a degree apprenticeship.

Apply for an Apprentice Extra card and receive discounts in-store and online from some of your favourite brands.

Save 30% on adult-rate travel cards, bus and tram season tickets with an Apprentice Oyster Card (London Boroughs Only).

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Busting the myths

Apprenticeships are only for 16 year olds'

Apprenticeships are available for all ages, from 16 and up

Apprentices do not earn a wage

Apprentices are paid throughout their apprenticeship. They are entitled to a minimum of the national apprenticeship wage

Apprenticeships are only relevant to trade professions

Apprenticeships are available in hundreds of industries and have been developed to deliver essential skills, knowledge and behaviours that map to clear industry standards. An apprenticeship is a nationally recognised standard

Apprenticeships are not equivalent to traditional education

Level 2 is the equivalent to two x GCSEs

Level 3 is equivalent to two x A levels

Level 4 is equivalent to Higher Education Diploma

Level 5 is equivalent to a Foundation Degree

Level 6 is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree


Apprenticeships are a great alternative to traditional educational routes. Across each industry the government is working to replace traditional NVQs with ‘Apprenticeship Standards’ that consist of the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours that an individual requires to succeed in this industry. The key difference is that there is now an End Point Assessment, conducted by an Independent Assessor, at the end of the apprenticeship. This ensures all the learning has been completed effectively and an apprentice can gain a pass, merit or a distinction.

Each level of an apprenticeship maps to a different educational level:

  • Level 2 is the equivalent to two x GCSEs
  • Level 3 is equivalent to two x A levels
  • Level 4 is equivalent to Higher Education Diploma
  • Level 5 is equivalent to a Foundation Degree
  • Level 6 is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree

There are no required qualifications to start an apprenticeship. If your child has not gained a C or above in maths or English at GCSE then they will complete their Functional Skills alongside their apprenticeships. Functional Skills are the industry equivalent of GCSEs.

There is no cost to you or your child as the apprenticeship is fully funded through apprenticeship funding provided by the company or via government funding.

No, apprenticeships are available for 16+.

They will be allocated a trainer from Lifetime Training, who will visit them in their workplace every 4-8 weeks and be on hand to answer any of their questions throughout their programme. They will also do their own self-study, in their working hours, and be supported by their manager and wider team.

Your child will have lots of opportunity to train and learn in their working hours, however some apprentices do like to do extra learning at home. They will have access to lots of brilliant resources through the Lifetime online learning platform and they can access from a mobile, tablet or desktop device so they can learn when and where it suits them.

An Apprenticeship is a full-time job, so your child will get the same holiday allowance as any other employee. They will accrue this as normal, dependant on their working hours.

This depends on the company’s contract; however, they can expect to work 30+ hours a week.

This depends on the company’s contract, the current apprenticeship wage can be found here (2019), however many companies pay over this wage.

Apprentices between 16 and 18 years old, and those aged 19 and over but in the first year as an apprentice, are entitled to be paid the apprenticeship wage. Once your child reaches 19 and they have completed their first year, they will be entitled to be paid the normal National Minimum Wage.

Apprentice success stories

Young male apprentice

I'm so pleased I made the choice that I did! The nursery I volunteered at interviewed me and asked me to come in for a 'play day' and were so impressed they put me in touch with the team at their sister nursery. I secured a 12-month contract initially and was then offered a permanent position based on my performance

Jaryd Evans Early Years Level 3 Apprenticeship
Young man in suit

Gaining a qualification gave me the drive and motivation to develop my knowledge and skills. Being employer as a Chef has heightened my sense of self-esteem.

Michael Carey Professional Cookery Level 2 Apprenticeship
Pleased looking woman

My confidence level has improved 100%. I was a very person and would find talking in group hard/ I would shy away fro situations, I am now talking in all situations and to anyone who will listen. I also feel pride in myself knowing i ha a qualification that will make my future a brighter one

Claire Smith Health & Social Care Level 3 Apprenticeship
Young female apprentice

I took a carer role straight out of sixth form and with the help of my Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeship training, I've climbed the ladder from carer to care coordinator managing and supporting teams of carers. Next steps uni and a more senior role!

Alana Scott Health & Social Care Level 3 Apprenticeship
Smiling young woman

I really can’t recommend apprenticeships enough, everyone needs to do one

Charlotte Courtney McKeller Retail Team Leader Apprenticeship Level 3
smiling young man

I’ve never been academic, but I flew through my course. The apprenticeship changed my life, it not only helped my career but gave me a massive confidence boost

Kitchen Services Level 2 and Team leader Level 2

Applying for an apprenticeship

Across a variety of careers and industries there are up to thousands of apprenticeship vacancies available across England. You and your child can take a look at our jobs boards where there are new vacancies each week, including more information for you to review. Browse our latest vacancies by sector below.

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