The Rise of Apprenticeships

More than 300,000 students received their A’level results yesterday, and although some will already have chosen where they want to go and what they want to do, others will find ‘the future’ a source of much confusion.

Harriet Mulvaney, HR Director at Lifetime Training, commented: “The key is not to make any hasty or snap decisions and take time to work out what is right for you. Don’t feel panicked because you see your friends doing things you’re not. Think about the long term, what you might be doing in two or five years’ time. Apprenticeships are a popular option for those looking to get into work. They provide work experience, training, qualifications, support and of course money in your back pocket. Most importantly, there’s a defined career pathway that can provide you with opportunities down the road.”

Research conducted by the National Apprenticeship Service shows that 54% of young people in England would choose to do an Apprenticeship if one were available.

School leaver and apprentice Charlotte Trueman tells us why she agrees that results aren’t the “be all and end all” and why she opted to go the Apprenticeship route.

“Originally I wanted to go to University to study English Literature and Creative Writing but at Sixth Form I realised further education wasn’t right for me. I’d previously felt pressured into going to University; my friends were going, and school prioritised it within the career pathway.

“At Sixth Form my Careers Adviser gave me more information about Apprenticeships and then I did my own research to find out what I wanted to do. My parents were really supportive and because they didn’t go to Sixth Form, and have both done incredibly well in their careers, I felt reassured I was doing the right thing.

“My Apprenticeship helps me understand the everyday tasks and problems that you come across in an office, which allows me to adapt to different situations. I have taken the opportunity to challenge myself to complete tasks that I never thought I could do before starting my course. I know this will look impressive to a future employer.

“I’m only a few months into my Apprenticeship but I can already see myself working in a job like this and I know the work I’m doing stands me in a really strong position for the future.”

Charlotte is currently two months in to her Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship with Lifetime Training.

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