Where is my next client coming from?

We have all been in the scenario where your client base isn’t meeting your business objectives. The rent is due in a few weeks and the washing machine has just blown up. You just lost one of your clients as they moved away and you lost a further two due to a “change of circumstances”.

You sit down at your desk and ask yourself “where is my next client coming from”?

Budget is tight at the moment due to paying off your credit card and you just stumped up the deposit for your summer holiday....typical!

Get the low hanging fruit

So where do we go first? I know... social media is “free” let’s go and shout on there a bit.

Doh! We got a few likes and a silly comment from our mate from uni but no new clients.

An unplanned shout out on social media very rarely brings home the bacon. Obviously there is the matter of timing, content, tone and value. But the most misunderstood thing on social media is the society you are trying to talk to.

Today’s society is “distracted” so the marketing messages you use have to be well thought out and delivered consistently.

Here is a quick tip from Aristotle to get more traction on your social media noise and to attract the low hanging fruit:

Tip 1. Grab their attention, give the offer, and highlight the value

Post 1: Tell them what you are going to tell them

Post 2: Tell them

Post 3: Tell them what you told them (and push the value whilst highlighting of the offer)

This allows you to be super focused and intriguing. It allows people who are interested in post 1 to pay more attention to post 2 and it allows the other “distracted people” to leave the conversation. It then provides you the structure to tell a story and leverage one message three times over, which increases its effectiveness.

Find the value in your list

For any serious personal trainer business the value of their business is not within their paying clients but in their database. Your database needs to be full of hot prospects who want to work with you. You then have the power to communicate with them and move them to the point of sale/action

The best way to manage your database is by using Mailchimp (there are other email software systems but this is by far the easiest and fun to use) you can communicate to 2,000 people on your database 12,000 times a month for FREE. Holy molly that’s cool bananas!

But now what? You have to send regular and intriguing information about the wants, needs and desires of your prospects to move them closer to your business. I have received so many dull emails and promotions that are based on the sender that I have ignored them, spammed them or reported them and I don’t want you to be on the receiving end of this.

Tip 2. Simple seven stab sales system

When structuring out your sales letters (a newsletter that has been designed to sell) tell a story and follow this simple seven stab sales system

1. Highlight the pain they are in right now

2. Create common ground and tell them that you have worked this pain before

3. Poke the pain again

4. Tell them you have the solution to their wounds

5. Prove that you deliver the solution to their wounds

6. Stick the offer to them

7. Give them a call to action that they can’t ignore

Find out where your clients are hanging out and go hang with them

So this is a little bit more difficult to do when I am working in the parameters of being FREE but I think I can nail it...

We all know that there are over 1 billion searches everyday on Google. This includes your prospects searching for you and your services. With the recent Panda update it has become even more important for your website to provide quality and unique content via a search engine friendly blog.

But, unfortunately it will take a lot of time and investment to get your site ranking well for any highly competitive search terms. So if you’re looking for new clients quickly...and for free; this won’t help much.

Sorry it just won’t.... one of the main reasons for this is that new domain names with a small footprint aren’t ranked as well as older sites and it can be like pushing custard up a hill to get a return on investment.

So you need to get your offer in front of hot prospects on other high quality sites...simple!

Tip 3. Piggy back on other successful sites which attracts your target market

MatesRatesForFitness.com attracts thousands of people every month looking for the best fitness deals and offers.

Lifetime has sponsored this opportunity for you. You get 60 days free use of the PRO account features which are proven to attract 48% more leads and clients.

After the 60 days you will also get an exclusive 20% discount as part of this sponsorship.

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