Traineeships: Good for Business

“Many jobs are best prepared for whilst on the job.” (The Richard Review, November 2012)

With an increasing number of employers requesting more work-ready candidates, and a generation of young people demanding more quality work experience, Harriet Mulvaney HR Director of Lifetime Training outlines a new Traineeships programme that will grow the talent pool.

“Lifetime Training works with a number of high profile brands including David Lloyd, Bupa, and Hilton and our clients are telling us they need a larger, better quality talent pool of young people to recruit from. Equally, we know that young people are crying out for more meaningful work experience to help them gain sustained employment.

“So we’ve invested in research to build a comprehensive Traineeship programme that addresses this need across a range of industry sectors. Through a blend of classroom study and a substantial work placement, our Traineeships will deliver the work-related knowledge, aptitude and skills to young people along with the experience they need to progress quickly into an Apprenticeship and employment.

“As the Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock, said [Traineeships] will support young people who are focused on work to gain the skills and experience that employers are looking for... The UK’s businesses need experienced, skilled and willing employees to help them grow.

“Traineeships deliver exactly that: meaningful work-based experience. As such they will cover everything from basic literacy and numeracy skills to role-specific daily tasks and an appreciation of business culture.

“Culture-fit is incredibly important to the success of an employee and their resulting contribution to business growth. Interviews alone are often not enough to gauge culture-fit and personality but Traineeships give employers the flexibility to see how the potential employment relationship might pan out before any commitment is made. All in all it makes for a more efficient recruitment process and with more than 18 years’ experience training more than 15,000 learners a year Lifetime Training is perfectly positioned to deliver optimum results. 

“Recruitment is a significant investment for any company and these decisions aren’t taken lightly. Having the opportunity to monitor an individual’s performance and shape their development before committing to a decision that will impact the bottom line is a great advantage.

“Lifetime Training provides clients with a framework starting with a full review of the business’ learning and development and vacancy requirements, free recruitment and talent identification, and job and culture preparation training. All training programmes are supported by qualified, on-site mentors from Lifetime Training to offer support and guidance to both manager and trainee throughout.

“Delivered properly, both parties stand to gain from Traineeships. They remove the fear and unknown associated with an unfamiliar or new work environment.  It provides a safety net for all involved and minimises any risks.  

“The added bonus for any HR department is that Traineeships fit neatly into the CSR agenda. They help to raise the company profile in the local area, whilst supporting the government agenda. Quite simply, it makes business sense to bring on-board someone who is more aware of business values and company culture, and who will have a greater business impact having completed a Traineeship.”

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