Lifetime Learner Tevon Ashani Khwal-Singh wins ERDF & ESF London Apprenticeship Award

Lifetime Learner Tevon Ashani Khwal-Singh wins ERDF & ESF London Apprenticeship Award

Tevon Ashani Khwal-Singh (19) has won the ‘Progression Onto An Apprenticeship Award’ at the annual London European Social Fund (ESF) Awards and European Regional Development Fund programme (ERDF) Awards ceremony.

The Awards showcase the talents, skills and employment-related achievements of individuals and businesses benefiting from ESF and ERDF funding across London.

After leaving school and experiencing a lengthy period of unemployment Tevon Ashani Khwal-Singh felt daunted and depressed. He had dropped out of sixth-form and was unsure what the future held.

But after joining the Lifetime Fitness Academy and starting an Apprenticeship with a local gym, Tevon is now well on the way to becoming a highly-skilled fitness instructor.

Tevon explains, “I was unemployed and looking for full time work or another chance at education. I had been working on and off with my brother but I didn’t have anything constant.

“In the beginning I thought this was okay, but as it dragged on it became daunting and I started to feel depressed. While I was hanging out with friends every day, nothing productive towards a positive future presented itself.”

“I was invited to a selection and interview day (with Lifetime) to find out more, and registered to start my journey”.

Tevon completed his pre-apprenticeship training before being offered a position as an apprentice fitness instructor at Hooks Gym. This went well for two months until Tevon had to leave because of a close family bereavement. However, he was determined not to give up.

Once back on his feet he managed to secure another placement, at Fitness Revolution, and after some hard work and catching up he managed to get his qualification back on track.

He is now employed part-time and hoping to progress into full-time permanent employment.

Tevon says; ‘I have some direction and stability in my life and can move forward and plan my career in something I enjoy doing.

‘The apprenticeship has changed me, and increased my hunger for wanting to learn more. I want to build up my skills as much as I can to be the best in my role.’

Tevon was nominated for the award by his ESF mentor and Lifetime Trainer Asha Vaghella.

Asha says, “From the start Tevon had a determination to succeed and build his career in the fitness industry. Being on the Apprenticeship means he now has focus and a future goal to work towards.

She adds that Tevon gained a great deal through helping clients to succeed in their fitness goals.

‘He sees their growth towards their goals as a means to strive further to achieve. He gains more confidence as he sees clients’ lives change day by day with the support of his personal training skills.’

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