Fitness Traineeships - The stepping stone to getting you a job

Daniel (18) was enrolled on a 12 week Lifetime Training Fitness Traineeship in August 2013. Traineeships have been created by the government to help those not quite ready for an Apprenticeship to acquire the skills, experience and confidence they need to take that next step.

Daniel was at College when he started the course, but didn’t feel the academic route was for him so his career advisor suggested looking into Apprenticeship programmes.

Daniel tried to get jobs before and has succeeded but was passionate about getting into the active leisure sector, for which he needed relevant experiences to enable his job search.

Lifetime Traineeships provide learners with literacy and numeracy help, CV and interview technique support as well as advice and guidance on how to find an appropriate work placement. 

As Daniel put it: “The Traineeship is all about experience, preparing us for interviews and starting our work placements. It’s basically helping us get into work. It’s a stepping stone to get you into the gym so you can work your way up and achieve what you want to achieve.”

He is now getting regular work from his employer – Redbridge Leisure Centre – where he was originally placed during his Traineeship. His current role includes building and taking down equipment, supervising members, and answering customer enquiries.

“The Traineeship was a life-saver. It helped me get where I want to be. I’m now enrolling on my Fitness Instructor Level 2 Apprenticeship. I know it might take a while to get there and I’ll need to put in a lot of effort but someday I want to be able to open my own business and train people in my gym.”

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