Costie talks about his Fitness Traineeship experiences

Costie Mills, (17) from Northfield near Birmingham never really knew what he wanted to do with his life. After school he enrolled at college and started a plastering and mechanics course. Soon after, he realised he’d made the wrong decision and that this wasn’t the career path he wanted to take. 

“I left college and that’s when my career journey really began. I found out about the Lifetime Training Traineeship programme during my job search and felt this would give me the head start I needed for a worthwhile career in fitness. I play a lot of basketball in my spare time so knew fitness was something I already enjoyed.

Costie embarked upon a 12 week Fitness Traineeship programme that promised to give him the work experience and basic skills he needed to get a job or Apprenticeship such as job search, interview preparation and interpersonal skills.

“My Traineeship taught me about what it takes to be a good employee. It helped me build up my confidence and developed my people skills. I never used to initiate conversations with others but the course showed me I was more than capable and didn’t need to worry.”

Costie started his Traineeship with Places for People site, Harborne Pool & Fitness Centre, which had an active Apprenticeship programme in place.

“My tutor advised me to work hard and grasp any opportunities available to me. I did just that and sure enough they invited me onto the Apprenticeship scheme.”

“I’ve been a Fitness Level 2 apprentice for four months now. I’ve learnt how to deliver appointments, the types of equipment to use, and know all about the different muscle groups. It’s been a really interesting learning experience and the on-the-job training has been particularly beneficial – earning while you learn is so much better than being stuck in the classroom. What’s the point of having knowledge if you don’t know how to use it?

“The Traineeship has been the turning point in getting me a job role I really enjoy and will help me become a Personal Trainer someday.”

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