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Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Personal Trainer?

People & Places | 19:19 on 27 November 2014

It’s something that most of us who are into fitness will have considered, even if it was only for a moment. “I can do this, I can teach what I do to other people...maybe I should be a personal trainer”. Like any goal it will require hard work. Probably more hard work than you imagine…we spoke to personal trainer Russ Howe about his career in personal training.

Why did you first get into personal training?

After training for a while, doing my own research and seeing a positive change in my own appearance, friends and family began asking questions. Among them was my younger brother Shaun, who had been out of shape for the majority of his life. I often heard people putting him down over his weight, making themselves feel better by picking on an 'easy target’. It was a big step for him to ask me for help, so I gave it my all and took it as seriously as I would take any job. We were in the gym going hard, day in day out. He slowly started making changes to his eating habits, dropping over 110 lbs in total.

Sounds awesome, so in effect your brother was your first client? What was that like?

Yeah. For me, the satisfaction of watching him change into this new person was unreal. He changed a lot physically, but also developed this kick-ass attitude to go with it, he was much more confident in himself. Those who once put him down started asking him for tips. That pride convinced me that I not only loved training, I loved training other people. So I made some moves to get into the fitness industry.

Who did you qualify with, and how long did it take to qualify?

I got my qualifications through Lifetime Training. It took roughly six months doing my course in the evenings whilst still working in my day job.

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