Now is the time for nurseries to invest in staff development

I was delighted to represent Lifetime Training at the Nursery Management Today Awards last weekend. It was a superb event and fantastic to see so many talented individuals and businesses rewarded and recognised for their efforts. It was a real pleasure to meet the Nursery Apprentice of the Year Neal Allistone, who was a real inspiration to us all.

Neal is a great example where training has made a huge impact on both his career development opportunities and the nursery business he works for. There are so many benefits offered by investing in good quality training. Training can help owners and managers with team development, career progression and succession planning.

In my opinion, Apprenticeships are a great option for nurseries today. Government funded Apprenticeship programmes don’t cost nurseries anything – bar a little management time and support – and can aid the retention and recruitment of the most talented staff and reduce attrition. Your training provider can help you to develop programmes that will meet your specific aims, whether that is to upskill the workforce or to simply improve performance.

Apprenticeships can also offer great flexibility. With their business relevant content – from the basics in working with children and young people to team leadership and management – they can support a range of job roles from nursery assistants to nursery owners and managers. Training courses can be mapped into existing in-house training programmes, where applicable, and enhanced with additional activities and learning and development opportunities.

Quality training from a reputable provider like Lifetime Training shows nursery staff you care enough about their career development to invest in them, leading to a happier, more engaged, high performing workforce. Working with a training provider can also bring further cost savings, for example by supporting your recruitment process, that can include vacancy matching, screening candidates, shortlisting and interviewing where needed, to ensure you interview recruit a high calibre of apprentice candidate. Apprentices are also full of fresh ideas, enthusiasm and experiences that have been shown to positively impact care home operations.

Lifetime Training delivers Children and Young People’s Workforce L2, Early Years Educator L3, Team Leading L2, Leadership and Management L3, Kitchen Services L2, Food Production and Cooking L2, Business and Administration L2 and L3.

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