TRX® launch exclusive education partnership with Lifetime Training

For the first time, TRX delivers its best-in-class professional education in a six-month exclusive partnership with training provider, Lifetime Training. 

The collaboration will allow Lifetime Training to offer the complete TRX Education range, which includes the TRX Trainer Basics Digital Course as well as the full range of face-face live training programmes, including TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, TRX Force Suspension Training and Group Training.

The online digital course is self-paced and includes detailed instructional videos, a follow-along workbook and precise daily performance benchmarks to teach trainers how to perform basic procedures, practice modifying exercise intensity and practice performing and coaching techniques through a variety of TRX exercises and progressions. The course will also provide details of how to access further TRX professional development.

The live courses are eight hours long and provide an in-depth instruction into the dynamic uses and techniques of TRX Training. Users will learn advanced TRX coaching and cueing techniques to help deliver result-driven workouts. The Group Training education courses will progress further by expanding the learners’ potential resources and highlighting how they can maximise their revenue by bringing TRX Training to the scale of group fitness classes and by creating fun and innovative classes adaptable to all fitness levels.

Commenting on the new partnership, Matt Gleed, UK Sales and Education Manager, says: “a partnership with such a well trusted and established training provider, Lifetime Training, enables us to deliver our digital and live education courses to a much wider audience, helping more fitness professionals learn correct TRX training techniques and understand the full diversity of the product.

“Internationally, TRX supports a network of 115,000 trainers and last year alone TRX educated 26,000 trainers globally in Suspension Training, Rip Training and Group Training. We believe in training movements, not muscle, and producing best-in-class training equipment, workout programmes and education courses to help clubs, trainers and clients achieve peak performance, reach their goals and get the targets they want.”

Nigel Wallace, Client Services Director at Lifetime Training, says, “we are absolutely delighted to be strengthening our partnership with the leading provider in Suspension Training. The collaboration with TRX enables us to deliver a wider range of CPD courses to learners, whilst further enhancing our Level 3 Personal Training qualifications with the addition of TRX modules. Additionally, we’ll be strengthening our Active Leisure Apprenticeship programmes by incorporating content from the TRX Basics Digital Course.”

TRX Education Courses will be made available from Lifetime Training from August. To book onto a course or to find out more please click here or call our team on 0870 120 1207.

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