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By Nigel Wallace, Client Services Director, Lifetime Training

The sector has hit a plateau and is struggling to take that all-important next step that will dramatically increase the numbers of those taking part in regular physical activity. Despite the clear need for people to be active the industry, whilst providing good support to many, is failing to grow. This period of stagnation is common across the business landscape and denotes a time when an industry must either evolve or ultimately decline.

The Active Leisure industry will no doubt – and in fact needs to – morph and re-invent itself but first there are three clear challenges that businesses need to ensure they overcome. Firstly, the sector needs to provide more support to inactive people to encourage them to become and stay more active. Secondly, the breadth and depth of skills across both employed and self-employed personal trainers need a real boost to optimise their potential and impact. Thirdly, we need to ensure operating facilities are guided by skilled and trained managers. It is an accepted fact that the best facilities have the best managers. Sounds easy. But where to start?

Together with Lifetime Training, you could deliver on all three and lead the industry in its transformation. We have recently launched our new Certificate in Physical Activity Coaching, which has been specially designed to equip health and fitness professionals (and others) with the skills they need to engage less active people in person-centred, motivational and supportive conversations about becoming and staying more active. It is underpinned by robust theory and the latest behavioural research.

The latest collaboration with FitPro’s world leading PTA Global programme, following its success in the US, sees Lifetime Training deliver its bridging and advanced courses here in the UK. Learning from the very best of the best, this programme accelerates PT’s to a new level in their business acumen, their technical understanding and most importantly their ability to manage the client experience.

In addition, Lifetime Training has been trialling several management training programmes and now launches a condensed Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management. This course is built around sector need, aligned to industry practice and very accessible; offering a pathway to developing a more professional and profitable sector.

The Lifetime team is committed to working in partnership with the market to introduce new and improved programmes that meet both the needs of today and the demands of the future.

(Article as featured in Workout Magazine, November 2014)

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