Government removes 5 year GCSE rule for Early Years apprentices

In some good news for the Early Years sector, the Government has formally abolished the five-year-rule, paving the way for GCSEs of any date to be used to complete an Early Years apprenticeship.

The department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has published a modified version of the Apprenticeship Standards, which will come into effect from 6 April 2015 and will apply to apprentices starting from that date.

The existing rules meant that many apprentices who had taken GCSEs more than five years before starting their course had to re-sit them, which was a barrier to many Early Years apprenticeship candidates.

A statement from BIS said, “We have modified the SASE for England to remove the requirement that GCSEs in English and maths at Grade B or C must have been achieved in the five years prior to the start of a Level 2 or Level 3 apprenticeship.

This change will further simplify the apprenticeship rules for employers, training providers and learners and mean that new apprentices with a wider range of prior English and maths qualifications will not have to take additional qualifications.”

Tracey Hieron, Lifetime Training’s Lead Internal Quality Assurer for Early Years, explains that in addition to academic qualifications, Lifetime Training also implements additional assessments that focus on communication and practical application of skills to ensure all practitioners are trained to the highest standards.

“When creating the Early Years Educator qualification Lifetime Training put in place relevant assessment materials to ensure all Early Years practitioners are trained to the highest standards.

This focus on practical elements ensures amongst other things the learners are able to communicate properly with young children, parents and colleagues. When one of our Regional Trainers observes a learner they are tasked with providing feedback on how they can improve their practical competencies with the children they work with.

In addition to theoretical learning, Lifetime Training assessments now include a 12 month longitudinal case study so that learners have the opportunity to concentrate on a range of areas of child development throughout the length of their programme.”


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