Rory Coleman - Ultramarathon man and Lifetime graduate

Tell us about your background. How did you get into running?

It’s a long story! Originally, when I left university I entered the print industry - which at the time had a notable drinking and smoking culture. At 31 years of age I was overweight and unfit and finally decided I was tired of this so I went for a run. I think it was 100 paces before I was gasping for air. I was elated though as I’d found my true passion – exercise. Since that day I’ve gone on to run marathons and ultra-marathons all over the world, including the infamous Marathon Des Sables in Morocco.

Why did you want to train as a personal trainer?

After I sold my business in the early 2000’s I had a lot of time on my hands. At the time I was always offering advice to and working with fellow runners so I decided to get some qualifications.

Why did you choose Lifetime?

As a 9-times world record holder I’m only interested in working with the best. That is why I chose Lifetime. I looked online and sought advice from contemporaries and Lifetime always came out on top.

Tell us about your experience with Lifetime.

Before training I’d never been in the gym environment. This, coupled with concerns around returning to the classroom at 46 years of age, meant I was nervous at the start but Lifetime really did make learning highly enjoyable. The modules were very easy to follow and there were no hidden surprises.

Any highlights?

My two tutors Mark, an ex-army PTI, and Gemma, were outstanding and I learnt a lot from them. Both were fastidious on exercise form – which is a trait I’ve definitely incorporated across my personal training career. I was also introduced to excellent training programs and styles, including Peripheral Heart Action training, which has formed the pillar for my work with clients.

How have your qualifications helped?

Training with such a respected name in the fitness industry not only improved my credentials as a trainer but developed my own knowledge of fitness. Consequently, after qualifying with Lifetime I’ve been able to develop a reputable global business. I work with and train clients around the world as they train for upcoming marathons. I’ve also coached a number of high-profile names, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes who I worked with ahead of the Marathon Des Sables.

What next?

I’ve currently run 921 marathons, so I’m only 79 away from my target of reaching 1000! Hopefully I can achieve this alongside continuing to assist runners as they look to accomplish their own individual goals.

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