Where Are They Now? Kate Shuttleworth

Katie says, 'don’t think you can’t do it, because you can.’

We're proud to celebrate the amazing stories of our learners! Kate Shuttleworth, 52 from Harrogate, won the overall Lifetime Learner Achievement Award in 2013. Her story is inspiring, so we caught up with her to find out what she's been up to since she won.

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Mother of five, Katie had stayed at home for 25 years. She left school with no qualifications, and when her youngest daughter left for school she finally decided to do something for herself. She joined a gym, and loved it! The gym liked her so much, that she accepted a part-time job there.

She got into fitness, and spent more and more time at the gym. Another girl at her gym was training with Lifetime, with our trainer Lauren Lopez. Lauren signed Katie up, and she passed her Level 2 qualification in personal training. She found it challenging, but passed, and then took on Level 3. Her Level 3 PT went so well, she went on to study Level 3 Team Management. She found it hard, but thanks to Lauren, her trainer, Katie was able to pass the exams and understand everything. Although she never excelled at school, Katie found apprenticeships a brilliant and practical way of learning.

Katie’s determination and willpower didn’t go unnoticed. Her trainer nominated her, and Katie said ‘she thought it was a bit of fun, I never thought I’d get through.’ When she won, she said she was completely shocked. Her whole outlook on life has changed, and now she feels positive and is enjoying a career. Previously she was a single parent, with no idea which direction she was going to go in.

Since 2012, Katie has been promoted to Manager of the gym she was working in. This happened only six months after she won the LLAA award! She eventually set up her own business, and ran her own fitness classes alongside. The gym shut down, and Katie was determined to continue using her qualification. All of her loyal customers from the gym followed her, and carried on attending her classes.

Katie now works at the best gym in Harrogate, Gambaru Fitness. The owner, Jonathan Walker is inspirational too. A former cancer patient, he has overcome massive challenges in his own life. Walker offered Katie a job, running the ladies only section. She takes classes and oversees this section of the gym. She said, ‘I never would have expected to have such a good job. It’s well paid, and I’ve got to know loads of different people in the industry.’ It’s been a whirlwind three years of hard work. 

She hated school, and waited until she was 40 to follow her dream. Be determined, get people around you encouraging you, and don’t give up. The end result is well worth it!

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