10 Careers for a Qualified Beauty Therapist

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As a beauty therapist, you’re in charge of making people look and feel good; you also have a wonderful career path with so many options! It's easy to feel unsure, so we've put together a range of ideas to inspire you lovely Beauty Therapists out there

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Here are 10 of the best career options available to you when you become a qualified.

1. The beauty therapist:

You’re all about the beauty. You know everything about nails, make up, massage, waxing, lashes, holistics, skin care and spray tanning. You’re qualified to Level 2 or above Beauty Therapy, or looking to gain your Level 3 to further your career, and love performing all kinds of treatments, and meeting all kinds of people. Plus, you get to work in tranquil and stylish surroundings.

2. The senior therapist:

You’re still in charge of making sure clients experience a high level of care, but you have greater experience. You can spot a regular, and can perform a pedicure with ease. You know the life stories of most of your regulars, and they know enough about you too! This relationship is what makes your job so special, and keeps your client base loyal.

3. The salon owner:

You’re the most experienced therapist on site, and now you’re in charge of a beauty therapy team. You meet with product representatives, buy software for the tills, and manage everyone’s annual leave. You’re the boss. Way to go!

4. The teacher/trainer:

You’re the person everyone comes to with a question about a product or procedure. You can clearly explain the answer, in terms which everyone understands. Those who can, teach – and teaching comes in lots of different guises, from academy training to college lecturers. You’re the person imparting wisdom.

5. The Product Rep:

You’re the therapist who, when the salon changed product supplier, experienced true feelings of grief over the loss of your favourite body scrub/almond oil. You want to tell every salon owner about how amazing this particular blend is, and could sell the brand to most selective of salons. 

6. A life on the ocean:

Bored with a life on dry land? Time to head to the nearest cruise ship. After a day relaxing the bodies of others, you can enjoy the evening entertainment, eat delicious food and see some amazing countries. Could life get any better?

7. Working abroad:

Its time to take your skills to other countries. Lifetime beauty courses , awarded by ITEC, are internationally recognised. So you can work anywhere! 

8. The electrologist:

You’re the person who finds hair removal totally therapeutic, and you love a gadget. Electrologists remove hair via electrical current with a needle probe - and you don’t rest until that last remaining hair has been removed. Ahhhh… smooth skin.

9. The clinical or medical aesthetician:

You’ve always admired the work of beauty clinics and clinicians, and find the procedures fascinating. Most clinicians have an aesthetician working alongside them. Or you can take it up a notch and become a medical aesthetician, specialising in the skincare and make-up of patients during or after illness. (Not to be confused with estheticians who work as skincare specialists within a spa or salon environment.)

10. The make-up sales consultant/counter service:

You love department stores and always find yourself drooling over the make-up counters. Why not be a sales consultant? You don’t necessarily have to have a fully trained beauty therapist, but skincare and high-end brands prefer you to be qualified.

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