How To Write the Perfect Covering Letter

Things NOT to do:

-          Don’t be ‘over-confident’ or use generic buzzwords. Saying you’re a ‘team player’ or that you’re ‘perfect for the job’ can come across badly.

-          Don’t be vague– everything about your letter should be tailored to the job and what you can bring to it

-          Don’t rush, taking your time here is important.

So, here’s how to nail that covering letter!

1. Get the basics right

You need to put time and thought into what you write. So here’s a basic starting point. If you know the name of the person who is taking applications, address the email to them, if not ‘Dear Sir / Madam’ is fine. Aim for three paragraphs underneath, one explaining who you are, one explaining why you want to work for the company and one briefly outlining why you’d fit the role.

2. Be honest about who you are

A good place to start is with you. Your first paragraph should explain who you are and why you want this job. Highlight positive things about you and what your experience is. This part doesn’t need to be long, but remember they’re hiring a person – your CV can contain all the facts but this is the part where you can sell yourself as a person.

3. Research the company

It’s easy to research the company you want to work for these days, simply go to their website and read the ‘About Us’ section. Find out what the company is all aboutso you can write a bit in your letter about why you want to work for them. Is there something in their mission statement you agree with? Do you like the industry? Explain whyand remember to keep it personal - this is your covering letter!

4. Read the job description

All jobs now come with a job description – this explains the role and responsibilities you’ll have if you are successful. . Read thisand briefly say in your covering letter why you think you’d enjoy this role. Draw out all the reasons you're suitable for the job and wave them under the employer's nose. A good cover letter should make the employer want to read your CV – so whet their appetite with your skills! Think of a simple example of when you’ve worked in this way before and remember to speak with  enthusiasm about the job you’re applying for.

5. Check, check & check again!

You’re done… well, almost.  Now, go back through the letter. You’re checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation. There’s nothing wrong with writing a short covering letteras long as it’s well written and enthusiastic.

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