6 Misconceptions About Apprenticeships

In the past there have been negative opinions on apprenticeships for a number of different reasons, but these days apprenticeships are highly sought after by companies. Some people still have the wrong idea about how beneficial apprenticeships can really be. I’m here to tell you six common misconceptions that people still have about apprenticeship


Some people automatically assume that Apprenticeships are for people with bad grades. This is wrong; apprenticeships are for everyone, no matter how good your grades are there are vacancies in so many different industries. With the price of University rising, more and more young people see the value of vocational qualifications. Apprenticeships are simply an alternative source of education, as you will continue to learn but you also get a feel for working life and earn a bit of money too.


For some strange reason people have the idea that apprentices don’t get paid and if they do then it’s very little. The national minimum wage for apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over in their first year is currently £3.30/hour, however most companies will most probably pay a higher rate.


With most apprenticeships, you don't need to have extensive experience. You can kick start your career without any previous experience, so there's nothing to stop you applying for any job that interests you! Therefore, having no experience in the job role you want to go into doesn’t put you at a disadvantage.

Career Prospects

Did you know that apprentices now make up 1/5 of board members? And apprentices are promoted faster (usually within the first 12 months) than their peers! People assume that you are less likely going to progress in your career if you go through the apprenticeship route, but times have changed. Now apprentices are valued more by employers, as they have a qualification along with key work experience.


One great strength of an apprenticeship is the fact that you get a qualification at the end. However, people think that the qualification that you get isn’t worthwhile and this is NOT the case. There is now a wide variety of qualifications that you can choose from and they can be Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 5. Level 5, or higher Apprenticeships, hold the same value as a degree.


Apprenticeships were once few and far between but this is no longer the case, as the apprenticeship market is at its highest and it only getting bigger with more and more companies wanting to hire apprentices. With technology always advancing there is going to be new apprenticeships coming out all the time, therefore there is plenty of opportunities for you out there!

I hope that this has been of some use for you and that it has cleared a few doubts that you might have been having. Now you know that there are common misconceptions about apprenticeships, you may now feel that an apprenticeship is for you, if so have look through our available vacancies.

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