School Leavers: An Exciting Pool of Talent!

It’s August and that means results! Whether it’s GCSE’s or A Levels, thousands of young people around the country will be expecting to receive their results this month and these could influence their future education, training and careers.

In fact, some school leavers have to make vocational choices as opposed to academic ones for various reasons; be it financial, geography, place availability, clearing or due to receiving higher or lower grades than expected. Or simply because they’ve changed their mind.

This presents businesses with a huge and exciting opportunity. School leavers are a great source of new talent; an ideal talent pool. Young people are willing, committed, ambitious, passionate and full of new ideas. The list goes on. And the good news is that, with increasing costs and, in some cases, lessening value of degrees, more and more young people are questioning the academic route into their careers of choice. Not all young people benefit from or see the value in continuing formal education like sixth form and university. And it’s not because they’re unskilled but because they thrive in a more practical based environment and can perhaps envision a brighter, more successful future if they follow an alternative career path.


“Apprentices are likely to earn an average of £3,729 more per year than graduates in their first jobs. Less than 10% of apprentices regret not studying for a degree.”
(Research by:, 3 March 2015)


The question is, how do you attract talent like this into your business and how do you manage it? Well, if executed correctly, apprenticeships have proven to be a great addition to the learning and development team’s tool box. They align well with a youth recruitment strategy at entry level and are flexible enough to slot into existing personal development and training frameworks.

Apprentices have longevity potential in the business and, as it’s often their first full-time job, they have little baggage or expectations.

Apprentice recruitment is made easy with an independent training provider, like Lifetime Training. By using a dedicated apprentice recruitment service where a team of advisors write the job adverts, screen and interview for vacancies and manage the candidates, businesses can save money on recruitment advertising and valuable management resource. Now that businesses need to account for L&D investment it’s imperative that apprenticeship frameworks work for the business and investment is properly allocated to managing progress and completions.

Lifetime Training delivers training to more than 20,000 learners a year and helps businesses to deliver award-winning apprenticeship schemes that deliver real return on investment for their businesses and support the HR departments L&D objectives. Our team works closely together with client contacts to plan a bespoke learning and development programme that aligns with existing training and development plans across the business. Certified Regional Trainers are trained on all aspects of the business to ensure learning is relevant to daily roles. In addition, team members are trained on, on and off-line learning resources including our award-winning learning, knowledge and communications platform. Managers can also make use of the digital, live reporting app and regular update meetings.

Our team engages site managers through appropriate marketing and a free Apprentice Recruitment service is offered as part of the package. There are a range of qualifications and levels to choose from, which are regularly standardised for quality, and certification comes as standard.


If you are interested in offering apprenticeship training to your team or would like more information, contact us on: 0333 0143 669.

If you’re an employer of over 300 people and are interested in having a conversation about training for your existing team members contact us on: 0333 0143 669, Option 3 and ask for Marie Vickery.


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