How to Contour Like Kim Kardashian

You’ve seen the trend, you’ve watched the Snapchats and inspected the Instagram posts. Celebrity make-up trends are as addictive as nail varnishes. But none have been so mesmerising, so beautifying as the contour. Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe have really championed this craze, always putting their flawless complexions and chiselled jaw-lines down to fancy make-up, rather than intrusive surgeries.

But contouring like Kim isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it sounds. Do you look like Kim? Do you have the same eyes, the same hair or the same face-shape (lucky for you if you do!)? Kim’s high and lowlights emphasise her existing assets to achieve her classic and recognisable look.

Contouring should enhance your existing bone structure and balance contours. As taught on Lifetime Training’s Beauty Therapy courses, it should “create illusions and draw the eye to what you believe is an original feature” not be slapped on without a care for the face that lies beneath. That would end up looking less Kim Kardashian, more Aunt Sally.

Examine your face, determine its shape and then apply these top tips, as provided by our amazing tutors at Lifetime Training.

Oval: Enhance your bone structure by blending blusher along the cheekbones towards the temples. Apply shader below the blusher and highlighter above.

Square: To soften the jawline and reduce the width of the forehead, blusher should be applied upwards from under the cheekbones towards the temples or along the fullness of the cheeks. Shader should be blended over the angles of the jawline and the width of the forehead.

Round: To create the illusion of length subtle highlighter should be blended in a narrow strip down the centre of the face and shader over the angles of the jaw and temples. Blush should be applied on the cheekbones.

Heart: Apply shader to the sides of the forehead and temples to minimise the width of the forehead. Add highlight to the angles of the lower jaw to widen the lower part of the face.

Oblong:  To create width and fullness apply shader to the tip of the chin and narrowest part of the forehead, reducing the appearance of length. Then apply highlighter to the temples and lower jaw and blush on cheeks to add fullness.

Like what you see and want to further explore the possibilities of learning from the professionals and making beauty your career?
Lifetime Training offers Beauty Therapist Diploma courses at Levels 2 and 3.


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