Results Day Special: 5 Reasons to do an apprenticeship instead of a gap year

Just got your GCSE or A-Level results? Not sure what to do next? More and more young people are opting to take a gap year abroad before university, but have you considered where an apprenticeship might take you?

Apprenticeships last a year, and gain you a nationally recognised qualification that will kick start your career in over 150 different industries! You can earn up to £15,000 in your first year, and gain experience that will make your CV stand out from the crowd. Take a look at our top five reasons for taking an apprenticeship over a gap year.

  1. Make new friends

Why spend the next six months saving for a gap year, when you could start earning and getting to grips with a brand new career? On the way you’ll meet experienced people, as well as apprentices your own age, who will all become vital contacts for your future career. At Lifetime Training, we also use a bespoke online networking programme, called Fuse, to bring all our apprentices together.

  1. Gain real life experience

By learning new skills while you work, you’re building up your CV and boosting your employability. You’ll be assigned a trainer, an industry professional, who will help you every step of the way. With regular visits, support from our online community, and all your new colleagues, you’ll be rising the ranks in no time, not to mention booking that beach holiday…

  1. Decide on your career

Unsure what to do? Most people are. But, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. On average, British people now try over seven different career paths throughout their lifetime. So get out there, and experience something new! The plus side is, even if you don’t like that job role, you have gained a range of invaluable transferrable skills, experience and a qualification to boot.

  1. Get out into the real world

Travelling is an amazing option, but travelling costs money. Why not wait, and establish yourself on your new path before you go. A one-year apprenticeship is a great thing to have under your belt, and sets you up for whatever is ahead. By working in a new environment, meeting new people and learning new skills, you’ll be getting a taste for the real world of work.

  1. Bring home the bacon

Finally, the best reason to start an apprenticeship is that you get paid to learn! And, you get tonnes of support to get you on your feet. Travelling is expensive, and many overseas work schemes don’t pay any wages. An apprentice gets paid up to £15,000 in their first year, and more every year afterwards. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The time to do an apprenticeship is now! Don’t be shy. Be brave and get ready to shine! There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you, so why not search for job vacancies near you today! Search our apprenticeships starting with dozens of top UK employers!




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