Results Day Special: Why choose an apprenticeship Over university?

If you just got your GCSE or A-Level results, you might be wondering what to do next. In March we published a blog on why choosing an apprenticeship over university makes sense. Apprenticeships save you money, let you earn while you learn new skills, and means you can start your career debt free! What’s not to love?

There’s never been a better time to choose an apprenticeship, with the Government promising to create three million more apprenticeship job roles by 2020, and more and more industries offering apprenticeships in careers ranging from engineering to retail management. What’s more, the apprenticeship reforms mean that employers are investing in you and ensuring your apprenticeship helps you build transferrable skills to set you up for life.

There’s no reason to delay. Here are our top five reasons why you should start an apprenticeship today!

  1.      Learn from the best

At university, you are lectured and taught by top academics. This is great, but in today’s market some would argue that the best skills you can have are ones learned by experienced professionals. Apprenticeships are designed to be practical, and your teachers will be people whose industry expertise has been tried and tested. They can kick start your career with straight-talking advice and guidance money can’t buy!

  1.      Rapid career growth

Some people enjoy learning by reading and writing essays. But not everyone learns best this way. Some of us prefer to learn by getting to grips with the actual work, and practising every day to get better. As an apprentice you’ll see yourself improving rapidly, and you’ll acquire skills you need quickly, setting you up for rapid career growth in the future.

  1.      Earn more

Research into apprenticeships shows that in the long-term, you could earn up to £150,000 more than those who go to university. Apprentices also get promoted quicker, with one in four managerial positions in companies now going to apprentices!

  1.      Experience counts

Most employers will tell you that the most important thing on your CV is practical work experience. Going to university might be intellectually stimulating, but rarely does it translate into real-life job opportunities. You’ll be more experienced and more confident with work experience under your belt. Read our success stories here:

  1.      Save yourself a packet!

By doing an apprenticeship, you can save yourself up to £27,000 in tuition fees for a three year degree. Including student loans, university graduates now leave with an average £50,000 debt to pay off. Consider that, over that time, you could earn up to £45,000 as an apprentice, that puts you nearly £100,000 better off over three years.


The time to do an apprenticeship is now! Don’t be shy. Be brave and get ready to shine! There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you, so why not search for job vacancies near you today! Search our apprenticeships starting with dozens of top UK employers!


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