Male Clients Every Beauty Therapist Recognises

Beauty therapists love a diverse range of clients. It keeps the job interesting, skills up-to-date and means a range of treatments can be given. It’s never right to stereotype a client but it’s great to be able to offer your clients the best of your services. With that in mind, here are a few men beauty therapists might come across, and the range of treatments they might be open to.

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This client gets himself ship-shape for the warmer months. He knows holiday season will call for him to expose his body more, requiring hair removal – potentially back, intimate areas, chest and/or underarm waxing. His feet, usually stuffed into snakeskin work shoes, are going to be sinking into the warm sands of Ibiza and so he’ll be after a pedicure and possibly even a manicure. Summer man might like to get the party started with a spray tan to lift his colour and give him the confidence to snap back into his summer swimmers! Wedding Man: Wedding man may not have ever walked into a salon before but he knows he has to look good on the Big Day. It’s likely wedding man will need to calm his nerves and tease out the tension with a stone massage, followed by the all-important facial and nostril hair removal – he’s about to be photographed more than on any other day of his life, after all. A manicure will ensure his split nails don’t detract from his wedding ring, and wedding man will definitely need some intimate waxing –you know – for the wedding night. All-round Beauty Man: Beauty man has a re-occurring appointment in your calendar and knows the name of every beauty therapist in the salon. He breezes in 10 minutes before his appointment and settles down to this month’s Hello! Beauty man knows the treatments he wants better than you do and will demand the best oils, creams and alters the wax temperature to suit his mood. He will almost certainly be a regular client for spray tans and all kinds of waxing. He’s not afraid to get some individual lashes applied or even some semi permanent make-up applied. He’ll have a monthly up-keep of facial, mani, pedi and back scrub and will ask you about when you might start offering crystal microdermabrasion. Lets face it, beauty man is probably your best friend.

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