What does the Future of Personal Training Look Like?

There are few jobs which are immune to the passage of time. Sooner or later, changing attitudes, techniques, science or technology means that the professions we undertake evolve and change. Today, we stand at the edge of a major revolution in fitness technology which poses to fundamentally alter the way we work out.

That might have you wondering what the future of personal training actually looks like, if there is one at all. Well, you’re not alone, and in this article, we’re going to share what we think the future of personal training really looks like.

It’ll be about more than just training…

Personal training at the moment is, largely, based upon physical training of your client. You meet up in the local gym and you coach and encourage them through a series of exercises that you’ve determined are right for them. That’s great, but when they walk away, you’ve got little influence on their lifestyle choices.

The future of personal training will move beyond the gym and come to occupy a more generalised role, one in which you exist as both nutritionist, life coach and personal trainer. Blogs have stepped in to fill this void in many people’s lives, but the most successful personal trainers of the future will make it their business.

By combining effective training with tailored dietary advice, you can lead your clients to peak fitness faster and safer than ever before.

… And it won’t stop at the gym exit

Alongside the shift in job roles, you’ll see that personal training will evolve to become a 24/7 coaching and support service, with both online and offline elements to help your clients. Any personal trainer will tell you that the biggest threat to their business isn’t people reaching their fitness goals – it is people feeling like they’ve failed when they’re away from the gym.

That might be because they’ve cheated on a meal or had a heavy night down the pub, but whatever it is, clients often fall away because they don’t feel they have the support and willpower required to succeed.

That’s where the personal trainer of the future will come in, offering everything they need to help stay on track and with the course.

Technology will move to the forefront

We alluded to it somewhat in the introduction, but it’s hard to overstate just what an impact technology is going to have on personal training, and therefore fitness in general.

The last few years have already seen fitness bands, smart watches and more enter the training mainstream and as this tech gets smaller, cheaper and smarter you can guarantee it’ll have some fundamental impacts on personal training.

Indeed, a large part of your job will be viewing and managing data. As smart exercise machines, weights and tracking systems become prevalent you’ll find you get a great deal more information on form and shape than you ever had before. Good personal trainers of the future will harness this in-gym information to make better informed choices about your clients’ workouts.

It won’t end there though, because as personal training becomes a 24 hour support role, the information you receive from their own personal tracking devices will become crucial in ensuring your client is on track, whether you’re near them or not. 

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