How to Survive your First Week as an Apprentice

Michael Farrell joined Lifetime Training as an Apprentice last week, here's his advice for all you new apprentices.

1. Make a good first impression

On my first day I was really nervous, but I realised that everyone has been in my position at some point and there really isn’t anything to worry about. The easiest way to make a good first impression is to be friendly and happy, which shouldn’t be too hard for any of you to do.  Don’t forget to greet everyone with a smile, it really can make an impact on how a person portrays you to other people.

2. Remember to listen, and ask loads of questions

During the first week you’re going to be experiencing information overload, this is because you will be meeting lots of new people who will be explaining what they do and they will be using word and software that you may not of even heard of before.

However it is important to listen and try to take it all in but don’t panic, they won’t expect you to remember everything!  It’s your first week, no one expects you to know everything, so if you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask a question. Not only will you learn something new but it will show everyone you’re keen to understand how everything works.

3. Dress appropriately 

After going to the interview you should already have a good idea of how you should be dressing yourself in the workplace. However if you have any queries don’t be afraid to give the company a call to double check.

Remember it is always better to be too smart, rather than not smart enough!

4. Don’t Be Late

Being punctual every week is important, but even more so during the first week whilst you’re still trying to settle in. Plan your journey before you start, test how long it takes to get to work and leave with plenty of time to spare, this will prepare you for any unexpected traffic that may occur on your normal route to work and allow you to still be on time.

5. Office Banter

Every office is different, and you're new, so sit back and be polite! It’s good to be part of the banter but remember you're at work. Remember to be professional and courteous at all times, it's ok to have fun, but try to be more formal than you would normally be around your friends and family.

6. Be prepared to do small jobs

When starting your apprenticeship you must be prepared to be given small jobs that may not seem very important, but it is a way of easing you into your job role and getting you ready for the work ahead. My advice to you is to savour the time because you’ll be wanting that time back once you are head over hills in work and deadlines.

7. Have a big breakfast…but don’t forget about lunch

It may be very cliché but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, as it gets you fully fuelled for the day ahead. However, even if you have a big breakfast, by lunch time you don’t want to feel hungry and not have anything to tuck into especially as you are likely to have a long wait until you get home. So, make sure you get up early in order to have your breakfast and prepare your food for lunchtime.    

Most important thing is, enjoy your time! You've made it onto an apprenticeship, which is already an amazing achievement! 

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