Lifetime Training introduces Maths and English GCSE qualification

The new qualification is being offered to Level 3 learners on Lifetime’s apprenticeship programme who haven’t achieved a grade A-C in those two subjects. In 2015, the Government stipulated a GCSE entry requirement of grade C or above for maths and English for Level 3 apprenticeships. However, following input from an employers' group working under the Government’s 'Trailblazer' initiative, this is now an exit requirement.

Alison Simpson, Managing Director of Health, Social Care and Early Years at Lifetime Training, says the change meant that many learners were unable to progress onto the Level 3 qualification.

“This led to a hugely detrimental effect on recruitment in this sector so we realised we had to do something to combat the negative impact,” she explains.

The new training is delivered face to face with a specialist tutor and Regional Trainers as well as online through Lifetime’s award-winning eLearning platform. The GCSE modules are delivered in two-hour weekly webinars over 20 months, offering more teaching time than students would get in a school or college environment.

The offering is currently in a pilot phase with a small number of learners and will be rolled out to all industry clients by in the next few months.

Sarah Mackenzie, Quality and Training Director, Childbase Partnership, says: “After working closely with Lifetime Training on the concept of this programme, I am excited about its potential in meeting the recruitment challenges posed by the government requirements; the opportunities provided for both new apprentices and those practitioners seeking to develop their career with us, and the prospect of an improved nursery experience for all the children in our care.

“At Childbase Partnership we have always believed that high level investment in the personal and professional development of our colleagues, supported by nursery and regional mentors and support teams, not only positively impacts the quality of provision but also our staff satisfaction and retention programmes.”

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