Beauty Therapy Insider: Summer Beauty Tips

Summer Beauty Tips for Skin, Eyes and Lips

Looking for inspiration with your clients? With summer most definitely here, you want your make-up to be working for your clients in all that natural light. Here are our easy to implement make-up tips for summer beauty for their skin, eyes and lips.


Mastering the art of contouring isn't just for celebrities! Keep it light for the summer months and invest in contouring creams that go well with different skin tones. When contouring with a client, you will need one a shade or two lighter than their natural tone and one a shade or two darker.

Contouring gives everyone's face shape higher definition, giving the impression of higher, more defined cheekbones or a thinner nasal silhouette.

To highlight take your lighter shade and apply a thick vertical line on the chin directly below the fullest part of the lips. Highlight the jaw line a fraction above where the bone naturally lies, a line down the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, the V in between the eyebrows and the outer edges between the eyes and eyebrows.

Take your dark shade to shadow a line a fraction below where your cheekbones lie and also your temples.

With a makeup sponge first work the highlights into the skin, then move onto the shadows. Take time to make sure both sides of the face are even.

Give your clients eyes the line they deserve:

Liner is notoriously tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but without it, eyes can get lost in the summer haze.

We recommend getting yourself a good brush liner to give you more control when applying makeup. Start from the middle of your top lashes and draw the liner above your lashes from middle to the outside tip of the eye. Complete the line by taking the brush from the inside corner of the eye to the middle, joining where you started.

Take your brush and starting from the eye’s outer corner draw diagonally upwards following the natural trajectory of your eyeline, giving you the basic outline of the wing.

Once again starting from the middle of the upper eyelashes, draw a line to the very corner of your eyeliner wing. Fill in, stand back, and admire! Take time to get the wing direction and weight equal on both eyes.

Give lips a daytime summer look:

If you're doing daytime makeup, for a wedding, you might want to create a more subtle look for your client. First you need to make sure you choose a neutral colour. Moisturise - Vaseline works well and then create a base by applying a light, neutral powder.

Take a liner and following the natural lip-line, give yourself a slightly higher heart-line on the upper lip, and drag the natural line of the lower lip down. Take a corresponding lip-gloss to fill in colour up to the liner, then purse your lips together to even the colour out. 

Vamp up lips up for the evening:

Moisturise and base the lips as above. Outline the lips with a liner a shade or two darker than the lipstick you want to dazzle in. Make sure you get the perfect silhouette and keep the line even, again widening the natural line in the middle on both upper and lower lips. Still with the liner, shade your lip on the inside of the line, and into the corners of your smile, blending the darker colour into your lips. Take the lipstick or cream and apply in the middle, plumpest part of your lips only, then purse your lips to evenly distribute the colour.

Make sure your outline is still strong - if there are any imperfections then re-apply the liner one last time.


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