How to Apply Permanent Lashes

How to apply permanent lashes like a pro

‘Life is short – eyelashes don’t have to be’.  Going natural with your make-up is this summer’s hottest trend, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your eyes disappear! Nothing says sophisticated more than beautiful long eyelashes that are low-maintenance and totally natural-looking. We’re not taking about ‘falsies’ – the party lashes that are bought on a strip and glued to your eyelid, we are talking about permanent eyelash extensions. And here’s how to get it right: 

Get Set: Prep yourself, the area you’re working in and the eyes you’re working on. Also, disinfect your equipment – you don’t want to be passing on any eye-nasties. Cleanse the area around the eyes with oil free make-up remover, then place two strips of micro pore tape in the form of "X" over the lower lashes (because eyelash glue as an exfoliator isn’t a thing – yet!).  

Go: Place a strip of extension lashes on the back of your left hand (if you’re a righty). With tweezers in your right hand, select a single extension lash and submerge it halfway into the adhesive. Secure a natural lash with a second pair of straight tweezers in your left hand and gently place the extension onto the natural lash, 1mm from the root. Hold it in place for a moment to adhere. Remember - neither the extension lash nor glue should touch the eyelid.  

Bat for lashes: A full set of lashes requires 70-80 extensions per eye. If you’re going for something more celebrity glam’, 80 + will give a much fuller look.  

Aftercare: You’ll find that in 3 or 4 weeks there has been a natural loss of some lashes, at which point infills are highly recommended to keep a full lash line. After that simple truth is – the more the lashes are messed about with, the more likely they are to come out prematurely. The extension should last for the natural life of the eyelash and drop out naturally when the lash falls out.   

A few things will speed that up – application of waterproof mascara, use of oil-based products around the eye, use of eyelash curlers, application of tint and/or continuous rubbing or tampering with them.  

In fact, you should find the need to apply mascara a thing of the past – no more clumping, no more smudging, no more looking like you’ve had a heavy night on the sauce when it’s only 3 o’clock on a warm afternoon. Keep on top of your infills and treat them with care, and the extensions should be batting their way all the way through summer.  

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