My Apprenticeship Journey: Robert

Robert Dinu has become a manager in the RedefineBDL Hotel business, and rose through the ranks thanks to his dedication and hard work. He tells his success story here.

What I did after I finished school

I started working with Hilton in 1999 – I was still in high school. I worked on the reception, it was good because I was very young. I went straight into the workforce. I wanted independence, I wanted to have my own money. I grew up wanting to be my own man, and my parents ran their own business. Throughout my whole life I felt motivated and stubborn, and wanted to get a job straight away. I didn’t want to rely on my parents. I worked in this role and other roles for almost six years, until I left for the UK. I knew then that my experience was valuable, and within a year I became a reception manager.

How I knew what I wanted to do with my life

I realised that I made a mistake not going to University. Although when I started a job aged 16, I thought that was what I wanted. But as I got older, I realised that I hadn’t been thinking long term. I had been in work for years but had no qualifications to back up what I had achieved. When I’d been working for six years I decided to start looking for higher level qualifications, but they were too expensive for me. I worked hard and got promoted a few times, but I still hadn’t got any further qualifications and wished that I could progress. By 2007 I was working in a 4* hotel, but I still needed to get better qualified.

Application process

I was working for a Hotel called Redefine BDL in 2014. I was already a manager at this point, and I still wanted to get better qualifications. I saw that they offered their staff apprenticeships. I had talked to someone in HR about my ambition, and two weeks later I was visited by a Lifetime Training advisor. I loved the course, and felt it fit me like a glove. It was great that it was so flexible and could work around my job.

Apprenticeship – Highs & Lows

I became much more analytical as a result of the apprenticeship, although I had experience of business from the ground up, I didn’t understand the principles behind what I was doing. I became more confident in managing financial aspects of the business, and how the business is run. I became much more confident in managing the payroll, how to keep costs down and how to reach my monthly targets. It made me a more effective manager, and helped me to think long term about the decisions I made and how I spent my money.

Difference it’s made to my life

I’m way more confident in myself now. I want to step ahead and get a final promotion in 2016. I am planning to become a General Manager, which would be the final step of my career. The training has definitely made me more confident in who I am, in managing the analytical side of the business as well as having on the floor experience. On a personal level I became more confident, and more encouraging towards the people I manage as well. Since I completed the course, I’ve encouraged three more people to do the same Apprenticeship, because it helped me so much. 

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