How To Set Up Your Own Bootcamp

As the evenings get longer and there’s a little bit more Vitamin D about, lies the perfect opportunity for outdoor training.  Do it right, and not only will you bump your bank balance but your business profile too. Follow this simple step by step guide to get cracking!  

1: Find a location
With many boot camps around these days, it’s better to source a location that doesn’t clash with any other businesses. If you can find one where there’s little competition then go for it.  Before you take the plunge though consider the following:

  • Has it got parking so members can easily access?
  • Has it good terrain to train on?
  • Can you use some the park elements for sessions? Hills, park benches etc?
  • Is it a local hotspot?
  • Can you advertise to entice more to join?  

2: Get permission
Some fitness businesses have the rights to run specific camps, to avoid being thrown out it’s best to ring the local council/authority to confirm its ok to do so.  

3: Pick a hyper targeted market
With so much competition out there now, you’re going to have to be a bit different. Being nichey is the way to go here, don’t just call it “Johns Bootcamp”.  6 week Fat loss optimizer or summer shredded program are all more appealing to the average customer.

4: Get numbers
With so many easier ways to reach people now, it shouldn’t be difficult to get some traction. Connections are everywhere, social media, previous work colleagues, family and friends are all a good place to start. Any of these will get the ball rolling:

  • Go to your sent items in your emails, who would be a good fit?
  • Create a page/group on Facebook and invite people to attend.
  • Do some leg work, and make a few phone calls or knock on a few doors in the local neighbourhood.

Feel free to steal this sample script:

“Hi John, Hope your well? Quick one, as you know I’m super passionate about helping people reach their fitness potential, I’m starting an outdoor boot camp full of specific training to optimize fat loss” If you’re board of the same old routine in the gym then this is definitely a must. Interested?"

Even if you have 10 people interested, you can always ask them to bring a plus one and instantly you’ve grown your business by 50%. Send a reminder email 1 week before, and the day before it starts do you can cater for the numbers.  

5: Resources
When you’re starting out, don’t go spending a fortune before you’ve got any return. Use your PT skills and make use of the environment. A mixture of bodyweight, interval cardio and group partner exercises can make for a great workout. If you do want to add equipment, go light to begin with and be resourceful.

  • High vis bibs
  • Marker cones
  • Resistance bands
  • Tyres (local tyre centre will giving them away)
  • Pick up a few bits on ebay

…and everything else in the location.  

6: Payments/Pricing
While pay as you go is ok, it’s much better get cash flow upfront. If you are running a 6-8 week camp, I recommend selling the whole package. It will help with the commitment and quickly you get cash flow in in your business.

Remember, it’s the volume of people that are going to give you a good turnover, while giving the added benefit of coaching to your members at a fraction of the cost of a individual Personal Training session.

Let’s say you’re charging £5 a session and doing them Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 weeks: Then sell the full 8 weeks for £80 per person.

With just 10 people that’s £800 for 16 hours’ worth of coaching. Payment services like Paypal make it easier to ping requests confirming from their phone.  

7: Bring the Passion
Ultimately how successful the sessions are will be determined by you. Don’t forget once people invest there expecting an “experience” every time they run about in all that muck! The greater the experience the more you’ll retain big numbers.  

Round up: Now you have the tools, it’s about following each step and implementing the strategies. Here at Lifetime we offer added additional courses including “Bootcamps” to help learners enhance their businesses. So if you’re on the fringes of career change then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  

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