How to Ace a Telephone Interview

Are you nervous about interviewing well over the phone? Don't be, there are some easy ways to get it right first time.

1. Do Your Research

Just like a face-to-face interview you should research the company you’re applying for beforehand, so that you have a good insight into what they do. Find out the company ethos, and try to think of ways that appeals to you. During the interview this makes it easy for you to relate your own experience to their needs. Also, if you show that you have good knowledge of their company, it will show how much you want the job. 

2. Dress Professionally

Okay…so I know what you might be thinking “They can’t see me, why would I dress up?” but believe us it will make a difference. So imagine you’re sat at home, wearing your relaxed clothes and you then get the important phone call that you’ve been waiting for, you aren’t going to feel very professional are you?

Now imagine you’re at home but wearing your nice interview clothes…the phone rings and you’re already feeling quite smart and professional and this will come across in the way you speak and present yourself over the phone. This is why dressing professionally (even at home) can make a big difference on the way your interview goes.

3. Find a nice environment

During an interview you don’t want any distractions like the television, your family/friends or social media in full view, as this will more than likely cause you to lose focus and say the wrong things, which won’t go down well. So, find yourself a nice quiet room that will allow you to listen and think clearly with no distractions.

4. Listen

In any interview this is important, but you need to be extra careful with telephone interviews, as sometimes it can be difficult to hear the other person clearly and questions can be easily misread. Once you finish your answer make sure that you pause for a few seconds before carrying on so that you can hear what the employer is saying and that you don’t miss anything.

5. Have your C.V. ready

During a telephone interview the employer will ask you a number of various different questions, some of which will be about your C.V. so it is important for you to remember your experience and qualifications. So by having it in front of you during the interview you will be fully prepared for any questions that you may be asked.

6. Sound Enthusiastic

You want to show the employer that you really want the job, so when you answer their questions always sound enthusiastic about the subject. This shows confidence and that you’re passionate about what you want, which will come across well to the employer.

7. End Positively

When you end the interview you want to leave it on a positive note just like you would if you were in a face-to-face interview. Thank them for the opportunity and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. 

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