6 Top Tips for Launching Your Beauty Business

You’ve set the date, you’ve polished the counters, you’ve heated the wax. But how will anyone actually know you’re launching your brand new shiny beauty business? Here’s our ‘tear out and keep in your pocket’ list from the experts about how to successfully launch your beauty business.

1. Assemble your client database.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and whether your list is just a few friends and family, or whether it encompasses old loyal clients who’ve asked you to keep their details, make sure you have a List.

Ensure you have everyone’s email address and, if possible, link to them on your social media accounts to give yourself extra visibility. Make sure you have the means of gathering the information of any potential clients, new clients and old clients so your marketing becomes easier and wider every month. Make sure you familiarise yourself with data protection laws so you know you’re not hanging onto anyone’s details illegally.

 2. Affiliate with the right brands.

Be unique compared to your competitors - try to offer brands which aren’t otherwise readily available in the area. Rave about them on your website and social media platforms and get the brand to mention you back! Display branded pop-ups, posters and products in your venue giving an added air of professionalism. Be best-chums with the brand rep, get samples and offer them free to your best clients. Everyone’s a winner.

 3. Get qualified

Have the right people working for you, or if it’s just you, make sure you have the qualifications to back up your superior services and knowledge. Go to www.lifetimetraining.co.uk/beauty to attain Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty Therapy Diplomas, tailored around your available hours to learn with a variety of flexible study methods. Display your qualifications with pride in your premises so clients know how invested you are in their personal beauty.

4. Get your marketing right.

You know how brilliant the services you’re offering are. You know your way around a pedicure better than the Queen knows her way around Buckingham Palace - but if no one else knows, the battle’s lost. Find out the name of the local newspaper business editor. Research the beauty bloggers in your area with a wide audience on social media. Set up your Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest account and become a master at blowing your own trumpet. 

5. Offer bargains

Whether it’s launch day taster sessions, promotional offers or social media discounts, give people a reason to walk through your door. Perhaps even offer them a continued discount if they book again within a month. Get creative and make sure people have a chance to see how fabulous your new business is. The possibilities are pretty endless but make sure it’s working for you. If they’re happy, ask them to write a review on your Facebook page (you could offer a discount on their next booking for doing this), tell their mates about you, or bring their girlfriends on a hen do at a ‘girl group’ discount. 

6. Make friends with your local printer.

There’s going to be a set-up cost regardless of how careful and organised with your finances you are. One of the big potential surprise costs will be printing - you’ll need fliers, price lists, coupons, not to mention signage for your premises and possibly a banner for your launch event. It’s not unheard of for printers to do small start-up businesses deals in return for some free advertising. Perhaps they can ‘sponsor’ your launch event or have a sign up in your premises. Nine times out of ten printing firms are small businesses just like you, and being able to negotiate and do mutually beneficial deals with local businesses will set you in good stead for the future.

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