Lifetime Training donates 10 bikes to Cyclists Fighting Cancer!

Cancer and treatment left Jamie with poor vision and difficulty walking due to severe weakness in his legs. Because of the aggressive nature of his cancer, treatment was equally as aggressive and he had to spend a long time in hospital. As a result he is now living with many side effects. His favourite activity before his diagnosis was riding his bike, he still loves to ride bikes as it takes the pressure off his legs and feet but he has grown out of his old bike. 

If this wasn’t difficult enough for the family, recently, his brother was also diagnosed with cancer and has since started his treatment.

As a family of four boys who love to play together outdoors this has been an extremely tough few years for all of the kids. Cycling will be a great place to start for the two boys on treatment and it will be fantastic for their brothers to join them and encourage them to get back into exercise to support their treatment and rehabilitation. 

Because of Jamie's poor vision, his mum will cycle with him, allowing them to spend some quality time together out of the hospital whilst improving their fitness. His mum cannot wait to see the smile on his face when they receive their new lightweight bike for Jamie and a bike for mum to accompany him.


About Cyclists Fighting Cancer:

Cyclists Fighting Cancer is a charity that gives bikes, tandems and adapted trikes to children and young people with cancer to help them through treatment, rehabilitation and into recovery.  Cancer has a widespread impact on the lives of young people, often compromising their physical fitness, muscle strength, fatigue, self-esteem, balance, coordination, anxiety and time spent with friends and family.  Exercise is an extremely effective way to reduce the negative physical and mental side effects of cancer both during and after treatment. We encourage cycling as the best form of exercise based rehabilitation especially for children because it provides all these benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way.

"Thank you so much to Lifetime Training helping to make cycling possible for these families."

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