Top 10 Skills the Best Personal Trainers Have

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For those of us to whom a trip to the gym stands out as the highlight of our week, becoming a personal trainer sounds like the perfect job. It pays well, working hours are as flexible as you need them to be and you’re even able to take on a part time job around your personal training.

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Clearly then, if you’re inclined towards personal fitness, becoming a personal trainer can be an incredible draw. Unfortunately, it’s not for everybody, and it requires a specific set of skills in order to truly excel. Here’s the top 10 skills all the best personal trainers have:

1: Most of all as a personal trainer, you need passion for what you’re doing. That means living and promoting a healthy lifestyle across all areas of life. As a personal trainer, you’ll be helping your clients through rigorous physical exercises, and quite often the difference between failure and success is your sheer enthusiasm and drive.

2: Industry knowledge. Simply knowing how to get the best out of yourself isn’t enough as a personal trainer. You’ll have to be on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition, with enough knowledge to give safe and successful information to your clients.

3: Excellent communications skills. Being a personal trainer means communicating exactly how to do an exercise. Poor form can lead to injuries, and that’s the last thing you want.

4: Listening skills. Every client is different and they’re going to have different needs, so good listening skills are utterly essential. Hear what your client is telling you and tailor your approach effectively.

5: Self-motivation. Being a personal trainer might seem appealing from a distance, but in reality it requires a huge amount of self-motivation to get up every day and push yourself to achieve more than you did the day before.

6: Self-promotion. Ultimately, your ability to find clients will come down to your self-promotion skills. That means making use of the web, physical advertising and your interpersonal skills to convince potential clients that you’re the right person to help them.

7: The most successful personal trainers all have one particular trait in common – leadership. As a PT, you’re leading your clients on a tough journey, and with a strong leader by their side, they’re much more likely to reach the end.

8: Many personal trainers work with upwards of 10 clients at any given time, and that requires an immense amount of planning. You’ll be drawing up fitness plans for your clients, keeping on top of who’s reached what point and making changes on the fly.

9: A dependable nature. Many are drawn in by the self-employed nature of personal training, but as any self-employed person will tell you, that means being available at almost any time. As a personal trainer, you’ll need to build your life around your clients and be extremely dependable.

10: It might sound simplistic, but as a personal trainer, you should lead by example. That means being in incredible physical shape. Clients need an ideal to strive towards, and you must become that ideal.

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