Top Treatments for Backs

With National Spa week just around the corner (from October 31st) we’re looking at one of the most popular areas that needs attention from Beauty Therapists – the back.

Back treatments range from those relieving aches and pains – suffered by as many of 80% of us at one time or another – to those treating body acne and blemishes or removing unwanted hair. 

Train in all of these essential techniques and gain a Level 2 and/or Level 3 Diploma qualification in Beauty Therapy with Lifetime Training.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Here are the most popular back treatments to offer as a Beauty Therapist:

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage: Probably the most popular massage - the staple-diet of treatments. It can be altered slightly to include the head or scalp. The treatment involves massaging muscles and joints from the lower to upper back, shoulders, tops of arms and neck and comes with the added benefit of boosting lymph and blood circulation, aiding detoxification.

Infrared Lamp Back Treatment (incorporated into the back massage): Drug free pain relief! The infrared is applied to specific areas of muscular pain or joint stiffness. Warmth created by infrared light warms muscles and stimulates circulation, effectively targeting and relaxing problem areas.

Aromatherapy Back Massage: Aromatherapy massage sees the use of essential and pre blended oils that work internally. There are many dozens of oils that can be used to help treat a variety of specific conditions including menopause, PMT and migraines. The massage techniques used are much more pressure point and lymphatic drainage focused than with standard massage. 

Back Scrub: This does what it says on the tin – exfoliation of the skin on the back. As a hard-to-reach area, clients rarely have the opportunity to care for the skin on their backs themselves. As such, conditions such as back acne – or ‘bacne’ – can develop. A regular back scrub is essential for any body skin regime and the treatment also eases muscle and joint tightness and aids circulation.

Back Facial: It’s a facial - for the back. Simple! The range of mini-treatments you can do during this treatment are as many and varied as a facial itself, but the basics are: exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise and sometimes a mask for added softness. The lotions, potions and gels are especially formulated to complement the rougher skin of the back. This is another winning treatment for ‘bacne’ or blemishes.

Back Wax: As a beauty therapist you will be expected to remove unwanted hair from varied and numerous places. The back is probably the largest surface area treated, so many strips need to be prepared in advance! The bonus is that skin is usually tougher here than in the more delicate areas, so a good clean result should be achieved.

Stone Therapy Back Massage: Stone therapy massage expands blood vessels and, in doing so, helps to draw blood through the body and rid it of waste. The use of hot stones is less forceful on the body than conventional massage techniques, while still providing all the benefits of a deep, penetrating massage. To read more about this treatment, go to our blog on “Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Massage

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