Why does every business need apprentices?

Apprentices provide enthusiasm, loyalty and willingness to learn all of which is crucial and makes them a fantastic asset for every industry. With up to 100% funding available for apprenticeship programmes in your business, now is a great time to invest.

  • Fill the Skills Gap

Does your team have a shortage of skills? Recruiting apprentices enables your business to fill these gaps in every team. Apprentices will begin to learn skills relevant to their sector


from the first day of employment. There are certain sectors within the UK where it is still difficult to fill the gaps where certain skills are needed, with younger employees being increasingly IT literate and digitally savvy, this can be a great advantage to any team. Over 130,000 businesses in the UK offer apprenticeships, because they recognise the real value that is added by training their own staff.

  • Motivation

Apprenticeships are a great way of recruiting talent with fresh ideas. Research has shown that bringing apprentices into your business dramatically boosts the motivation of the team. Roughly 76% of companies reported a boost in productivity, after hiring apprentices. Where some companies may be concerned about productivity dropping as apprentices learn on the job, the findings of numerous surveys in fact suggest that the reverse is true!

  • Competitive

Over 77% of employers believe that apprenticeships make them more competitive within their sector. This is not surprising, as apprentices bring with them the dedication, motivation and willingness to adapt that others may lack.

  • Tailored To You

Apprenticeships can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. With apprentices learning skills to suit specific job roles, these qualifications are increasingly flexible to suit the needs of your business. Apprenticeships provide you with a bespoke team of skilled workers you will need for the future. By recruiting apprentices, you can also reduce staff turnover by increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty.


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The Portal

The Portal is a tool for apprenticeship learners and managers to track learner progression and upload evidence.

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FUSE is an online learning community where apprenticeship learners can access resources, and interact with tutors and other learners.

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MyLifeTime is an online learning community where course learners can access resources, and interact with tutors and other learners.

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Apprenticeship Job Boards

The Apprenticeship Job Board - click here to apply for apprenticeship jobs and view your applications. 

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