How to make conversation and get over those first day jitters!

For many of us, the thought of turning up to a new job and having to talk to new people we have never met before is something that makes us want to run to the hills and never look back!

We have clubbed together at Lifetime to give you the tips we used on our first days at our new jobs! Not many people can walk into an unknown room of people with confidence, but you can, and what an achievement when you do!

 Here's some of our recommendations for starting that nerve wracking first conversation...

  • Remember, everyone has at some point been in exactly the same position as you. They were all new once, so don’t feel excluded. You’re there to enhance the team.
  • Need a conversation starter with someone? A good one a majority of us used was ‘How long have you been working here?’ This is great as it opens up doors for you to ask more questions. Which leads us onto…
  • Don’t be shy to ask people questions, even if it is as simple as ‘where do I go to get a glass of water?’ or 'Where does everyone hang out during their breaks?' It gives your colleagues a little insight into your character.
  • Another great conversation starter is ‘Where’s a good place to go for lunch?’ This give you an insight into what your new colleagues are like too!
  • Don’t forget, your new colleagues may be a little nervous themselves, they’ve never met you before either. Put them at ease by being yourself!

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