How To: Nail your Beauty Therapist job interview

At some point in your Beauty Therapy career you will be applying for a job. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career looking to gain experience in a workplace before going-it-alone or a senior salon staff member looking for a fresh challenge, we’ve all got to know how to win over an interviewer.

Beauty Therapy positions aren’t run-of-the-mill jobs. They don’t entail sitting at a desk or running reams of spreadsheets. It’s a talent – a skill – and largely it’s about you as an individual.

Here’s our guide on to how to nail that all-important Beauty Therapist job interview:

  • Qualify

Lifetime Training offers nationally recognised and lauded Beauty Therapy Diplomas at Levels 2 and 3, giving you the skills needed to pass the practical test an interview might throw at you. Equip yourself with unsurpassed knowledge and be prepared to take part in a trade test to judge your skill levels.

You may be asked to pinpoint a skill you particularly excel in and which treatments you enjoy most (and possibly which you don’t enjoy as much).

  • Present yourself

This job is about beauty. Turning up with chipped nails or poorly applied false lashes won’t stand you in good stead with an eagle-eyed interviewer.

Turn up ahead of time, unflustered. Interviewers will be keen to see how organised you are, how well you manage your time and might even ask you directly how you deal with chaotic situations.

  • Communicate

A lot of your success as a beauty therapist will be determined by your bedside manner – connecting with your clients and putting them at ease. Answer questions fully and in a calm, friendly, professional tone – just as you would a client.

Not all clients are easy to deal with and you might be asked how you would deal with difficult situations. Prepare an example of how and when you have won over a tricky customer.

  • Get experience

Even if you do some unpaid work experience at a local salon or a part-time Saturday job, it’s important to show you are passionate about getting hands-on with the Beauty Therapy business in a salon environment.

For more senior positions you might also be asked about your experience retailing in a salon - whether you have had targets on selling before and whether you have met them. Again, come prepared with examples.


From all of us at Lifetime Training, good luck at your next interview!

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