Popular Fitness Trends in 2016

Just like the fashion industry, fitness trends come and go in a heartbeat. What's considered great one season may become obsolete the next. While the following six fitness trends have surged in 2016, unlike many rival programs, they all have staying power.

Zumba Step

Zumba has been a popular workout method for quite some time. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find a gym that doesn't run Zumba classes these days. Combining aerobics with Latin dance routines, Zumba is an enjoyable way to train and boost your cardiovascular fitness. And best of all, you can actually perform Zumba exercises at home.

Battle Rope

Waving a rope up, down and side to side is easy right? Wrong! Battle rope is extremely demanding. To wave a weighted rope you literally have to use every muscle in your body, especially your core. Battle rope improves cardiovascular endurance, coordination and is safe for anyone to use, regardless of fitness level.

Pole Dancing

Working the pole isn't all about performance, it's a sweat-inducing activity that few can handle. Pole dancing enhances flexibility, helps build strength, and is perfect for toning... and don't make the mistake of thinking it's just for women! One of the reasons why pole dancing has become one of 2016s hottest trends is because men have started recognising the benefits as well.


Calisthenics training has made a major comeback during the last year. We tend to forget that we all have access to the best gym of all, wherever we are: our bodies. Calisthenics is perfect if you want to reintroduce some of that lost childhood spirit. Performed on “adult jungle gyms,” the exercises revolve around creative ways to perform basic bodyweight exercises. It's great for building strength and keeping your workouts a little more interesting if you prefer taking the off-the-cuff approach.

Traditional Martial Arts

The rise of mixed martial arts has given way to hundreds of workouts that revolve around fighting. While the MMA world is quick to shun traditional martial arts as a viable self-defense option, nobody can argue that they can provide solid and intense workouts. Taekwondo and karate have had a surge in popularity this year, with club memberships spiking to the highest levels since the Kung Fu craze of the 1970s.

Online Fitness

With the advent of new fitness technology making it easier than ever before to find information and follow workout routines, the streaming world has taken notice. Since the beginning of the year there has been a massive surge in subscription-based fitness programs. Like Netflix, websites such as Booya Fitness, offer a wide array of programs, designed for home-learners who prefer training in the living room.

2017 will inevitably bring more workout routines to the table. Some will remain, while others will fizzle into obscurity. Regardless of whether or not you jump on the bang-wagon and embrace them with open arms, just remember, in the world of fitness it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you're doing it!


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