Why is it important to fill out a detailed application when applying to a vacancy?

You have been searching for your new career day in, day out, and finally you find your ideal job. But the thought of filling out an application is not appealing at all.

However, when putting yourself forward for a vacancy, the application is the first important tool you can use to sell yourself.

Remember, the Apprentice Recruiters don’t know you, so in order to show you are good for the role it is important to answer every question on the application form.

Some of the questions you will be asked on the form include:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your hobbies, interests or achievements?
  • What personal skills would you like to improve on?

All these questions are a great way to give the apprentice recruitment team an insight into the type of person you are, how you would benefit from the company, and how the company would benefit from having you on their team.

Never fear these questions as there is no right or wrong answer, they are about you. So enjoy taking a moment or two to analyse your strengths and interests. Once you sit back and see an application filled out fully you will see how much experience and knowledge you already have!

Remember: It is vital you double check your contact details, and spelling. Many times have there been applications where the candidate has not been able to be contacted because their number, address or email is wrong.

Good luck!

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