5 Reasons Apprentices Make Great Long term employees

Simply, like a good sports manager! Grow your own team, and train young talent from the grassroots, in order to build a team that lasts.We at Lifetime Training know the long term value of apprentices for your business, so here’s five reasons to recruit apprentices and build a long running team.

  • Loyalty
    It is likely your company will be the first job a young apprentice has after leaving school. This is beneficial for you and your business because employee loyalty is easily developed due to the requirement of working closely and supporting an individual who is new to the workforce.

    Did you know: Over 90% of apprentices stay with their employer after they complete their qualification? This suggests that recruiting from a younger talent pool means you can rely more on long term staff retention. 

  • Training prospects
    Work based learning is becoming more and more tailored to suit the needs of individual businesses, which of course is great news current and potential employees too. It means that not only the qualifications you provide for your apprentice is suited to the specific needs of your industry, but also makes way for the career progression within the organisation an appealing prospect for them.
  • A holistic approach
    At Lifetime, we have seen apprentices start at the bottom of large businesses, and gradually work their way up to senior positions. In 2016, up to 25% of board members are likely to have completed a vocational qualification, rather than a degree. Apprentices are also promoted faster than graduates. Having started from entry level positions apprentices develop a holistic overview of your business over time. This makes them invaluable long-term employees.

    Did you know: 75% of employers said that apprenticeships can lower the cost of recruiting? (getingofar.gov.uk/employers)

  • Enthusiasm
    Young apprentices often add a sense of momentum, or enthusiasm to every team. Whatever your industry, having an insight into the younger audiences will benefit your business. Apprentices are also keen to learn, keen to progress and work hard to develop their new career. Recruiting enthusiasm into your team is a no-brainer.
    Did you know: When polled, over 60% of teams felt invigorated by having a young apprentice member? 
  • Cost-effective
    The government is constantly adding new incentives for business to recruit apprentices. Since early 2016, corporations no longer need to pay PAYE on apprentice wages, and employers do not fund apprentice training – only their salary. At Lifetime we know how to add value to your business, and provide a 360 degree recruitment, training and assessment service.


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