Top tips for keeping your skills up-to-date once you’re qualified as a Beauty Therapist

It’s easy to fall behind… Behind in your exercise regime, behind the changing fashion trends and of course, behind in beauty therapy advances. The industry is fast-paced, hanging off every celebrity whim and waiting with baited breath for the slicker, crazier or speedier way to do things. Products are churned out weekly, all claiming to be the ‘next big thing’.

But, once qualified, sitting in a salon, welcoming client after client, day after day, how do you stay abreast of the ever-turning world of beauty therapy treatments, products and techniques?

Here’s our top five tips for you to remain the first port of call when your clients want the latest threading, cupping or contouring:

  1. Professional Beauty Exhibitions: There are dozens of exhibitions that take place all around the country and all through the year. The big ones coming up are Professional Beauty North in Manchester on 18th and 19th September 2016 and The Olympia Beauty Show in London on 2nd and 3rd October 2016. Here you’ll find hundreds of brands, product launches and stage settings for learning, plus the valuable opportunity to network with colleagues and peers. You can narrow your discipline down by attending one of the numerous smaller exhibitions dedicated to make-up, massage and many more.
  2. Peer Observations: As simple as it sounds, but far more rewarding than you might think. Get a colleague to observe you while you work. Not only does this practice strengthen peer relations, it’s a fantastic way to share information, learn from each other and explore a variety of techniques and methods. And it’s a great two-way street as you’re likely to learn just as much from each other.
  3. Social Media Stalking: Keep updated with beauty trends by following your favourite brands and bloggers on social media. Test out the products and techniques they recommend. Don’t just stick to YouTube – venture into the visual world of Instagram, the addictive world of Pinterest and the spontaneous world of Snapchat for a rich experience.
  4. Online tutorials: The web is awash with hundreds and possibly thousands of online tutorials – many of them completely free. The beauty of these speedily digested videos and blogs is you can get specific - if you want to learn how to achieve a particular eyebrow shape you’ve seen on Snapchat, simply research and learn.
  5. Beauty Magazines: Get yourself a regular subscription to one of the many excellent beauty mags on the market. It’s their job to know what the latest trends, products and techniques are and impart that wisdom on every page. 

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